Some Help If you are able? Thanks Suzi :)


Some help if possible?

I have a Truly Inspired interview sitting in my drafts folder for the Blog Final Chapter and l can’t find the actual blog in my directory, so cannot raise a hyperlink for it.

I have emailed Authoress 51 and as of yet no response … however are any of you familiar with the Blog called ‘Final Chapter?’

I have tried all available resources l have at my disposal, and l don’t know why, but l cannot find it anywhere with WP, any advice or do you know of the blog?

Let me know below, many thanks. Rory


Extra information: Authoress 51 is also known as Kristy Vos – she wrote a book which is published on called The Fly and The Flea, below is the image of the book.

The Fly and the Flea

About Kristy Hare

My name is Kristy.

I love to write and The Fly and The Flea was created out of a poem I had written previously.

I live in Las Vegas with 2 cats and a dog.

15 thoughts on “Some Help If you are able? Thanks Suzi :)

  1. I don’t know this one. The one that came up after search on the reader is “ after the final chapters”

    1. Yes, l know Sadje, l have had the same responses that you have received. Authoress 51 blog is judging by the questionnaire quite long standing, but at her own admission she says she is terrible at producing hyperlinks. Which normally would not be a problem, as l would then hit the blog name in WP search and hey presto grab the link myself, BUT WP is not giving me anything back on the blog name so l am really curious.

      I have emailed her a few times, and no answer, but she was keen to see the interview posted so l figured that by asking this question, she might see it herself and respond, if my emails are getting lost in spam, or well l don’t know, so it’s a mystery.

  2. Never heard of them (the blog or the blogger), HOWEVER there is a blog called “THE Final Chapter” on here. I didn’t see “Authoress 51” associated with that particular blog though. I’m not sure what to suggest..except maybe get in touch with WordPress “Happiness Engineers” and hope they can help you.

    1. Hey Melanie, l know, l am getting more or less the same hits back. I have sent another email to the lady inquestion, and all l can do is keep the interview in draft up until such a time l hear back from her.

    1. Yes it does Suzi 100%. I can see that l am not a follower, and whilst Kristy says she is not good at links, she wrote two titles of posts she had done in march and February this year, and by scrolling through l have found them. Brilliant, thank you.

      How did you find her?

      I have a handful of little clues and l ran them all through the search engine WP has and nothing came back trumps – so how did you do it?

      1. We have followed each other since around the time I stated my blog if I remember correctly! So glad I could help! Xx

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