QQ – 12 words to describe your blog are?



QQ – Tell me about your blog in just 12 words – can you do it?

Now what would you say if someone asked you to describe your blog in 12 words, just 12 and those 12 would explain to the asker what you wrote about, what you were about and what your blog is about – so tell me what would those 12 words be?

I use your own descriptions every week when l am calling out and promoting your own blogs  … Morning Call Out



Drop your comments below – thanks

131 thoughts on “QQ – 12 words to describe your blog are?

    1. Nicely done Cage, very nicely done indeed 12 on the button if we make ‘story teller ‘ 2 words or 11 if we make it one, either way both work very nicely indeed 🙂

  1. Well-intentioned wanderings of an optimistic bipolar mind and a generous heart.

  2. You come up with the most interesting posts, Rory! <3 Ok, here's mine:
    Random crap but a little bit of me in every keystroke. (can I break keystroke into 2 words to get 12?) 🙂

  3. Saw this over at Nova’s blog (thanks Nova!)
    Here’s mine:
    Ghost stories, fan fiction, flash fiction, poetry, photos, lots of eclectic hodgepodge. 🙂

  4. Rory. Are you ok? I see that we have to have a password to see your site now. Am I oermitted to have it? If so I would love to have it. I had a terrible problem recently with someone so maybe you have had one too. Hope you will let me in. Much love to you. Lorraine

      1. Oh lol. Your posts come through into my email box, and all of thise ones that were password protected came through and I didn’t understand.m i was worried because someone in WPvdidcsomething utterly horrible to me, then password orotected their posts and prior to that had posted some horrible things about me, so the minute I saw password orotected I got realky panicky. Thanks Riry. Glad you are ok anyway 😊

          1. Great! Sorry I panicked! Being blind doesn’t gelp. Youbtend not to see the whole thing! 😊

            1. Not a problem Lorraine. The reason they are backdated is because the game needs their links now, r\ather than a post dated link.

              I have to protect them, because before l was backdating by a year but my readers were still seeing them come up and that spoils the element of surprise, so l put the head up post out to forewarn my readership this is what was on the books for this afternoon.

  5. Hey, well I obviously got in to make a comment. Sorry Rory. Just a bit confused. Lorraine

  6. Hello, in my opinion the words that characterize my blog are: inspiration, well-being, positivity, motivation, aspiration, trust, sharing, awareness, energy, fulfillment, interaction, positive thinking.
    Have a nice day !

  7. Hello Rory,

    Cool! You are so full of fun and creative ideas 😉

    Here’s mine : An imaginary island where a reverie of my muse and me lives.

  8. Great idea Rory. Very creative. Here’s mine:
    Fun, sustainable fashion, and good vibes by a journalist obsessed with upcycling.

  9. Very creative idea Rory. Here’s mine:
    Fun, sustainable fashion, and good vibes by a journalist obsessed with upcycling.

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