4 Paws Diary – Ep 35

me two

Episode 35

4 Paws Diary

04th April 2019

There may be trouble ahead …. blue air!

me two

Hey Everyone!

I know, what gives, less than a week later since my last episode and here l am pawing a new episode?

Well it’s just a quickie, but last night the air started turning blue according to Mummy! It’s a bit confusing because l know of the colour blue, and l think l would know what it looked like if all around me started turning it? But so far l have seen nothing of that nature going on! But Mummy is wise, so perhaps l need to look harder!

It’s started because of Dad. Mummy and Dad were looking at his kompootah and he was looking for something for me called inshorants! I don’t know what or who they are, but Dad said it is really important that l have my inshoreants. The closest l can get to it is the beach? I mean that has shells, so maybe Dad means inbeachshells because l haven’t seen any ants down there, but l know it’s sometimes called the ‘shore’, so maybe Mummy means inshoreshells?

But she said it was inshoreants!

Dad was getting really irate about it all, because he said that all the inshoreants on the kompootah wanted all his details when all he wanted was a Quote? So Dad wants a quote for inshoreants which is needed to cover me??? I mean no one has asked me if l want to be covered in shore ants? I mean who would want to be covered in ants?

But then Dad started getting annoyed, and that’s when Mummy said the air started to turn blue??!

Dad says that now that l am over 15, and l will be 16 this year that these inshoreants are charging like wounded bulls and it is insultive that just because l am one year older than l was last year, l am now double the inshoreants!

It just became even more confusing because in addition to looking for the blue, l am also looking for inshoreants and wounded bulls? I don’t think l have seen a wounded bull, but l remember Dad once talking about bullants? I do wonder if they are related to the inshoreants?

Anyway Mummy is not here, and Dad is reading something to with inshoreants whilst l am pawing up this episode. I don’t know what on earth is going on of late, but oh here we go again, Dad is swearing like a pig farmer!!

Mm, this inshoreants has a lot to answer for l feel!

Anyway, thanks all for tuning in, and l will be back later this month so…

Till then, Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

me two

5 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary – Ep 35

    1. So he keeps telling me Ribana, he just keeps saying ‘double since last year @###@@?’ Over and over again, l think he may have lost the plot…

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