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1] Blog Name


2] What is your blog’s specific genre?

“Positivity and inspiration, if that’s the genre we’ll like to consider.”

3] How old is your Blog?

“My first post went live on 13th October 2017 so, 8ish months!”

4] Why did you feel the need to start an actual blog?

“Some random thoughts, a husband to technically assist me in setting up my website, lose time and years of yearning to write = iScriblr was born!”

“To be honest, writing always has been very close to my heart. When conversations failed, I wrote! It has been my “happy place” where I can express myself freely without being judged or belittled. Post quitting my job of 10+ years and finally being able to get some time for myself – blogging was the obvious next step towards “my freedom to expression.” Also, what’s knowledge if you haven’t shared it, when you had the chance?”

5] What age were you when you first started to write?

“First grade. I still remember, it was a “micro” poem about my dad.”

6] Was it a natural process or did something or someone inspire you to put your first thoughts to paper?

“Being the only child to my parents for the first 15 years of my life, had its pros and cons. Pros being the “centre of their universe” and the con being the “centre of their universe!”

“You need an outlet in cases like this and “writing” was what took me away from life and its mundane craziness.”

7] Would you say that your creativity flows easily or do you need to be motivated by an event or a moment in your life to trigger it?

“It is a very natural process for me.

“I personally believe (in the words of Julia Cameron) – “We are, ourselves, creations. And we, in turn, are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves.”

“We all have it in us, it’s just that some diamonds need more polishing than others.”

8] How frequent or prolific are you with your writing and blogging?

“I aim to post at least 5 times a week, but then there are days when I have posted more than once.”

9] Is it just WordPress that your writing is displayed or other platforms as well?

“Just WordPress. I use other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to spread the word about my blog and to share and promote my site, but WP is majorly where I showcase my talent.”

10] Do you use social media to advertise and market your blog? If so which ones and how effective is it/are they?

“Yes, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Though time consuming, it is indeed a great way to attract some traction to your site.”

11] Writers block we all get it at one point or another – if you do suffer from it, how do you tackle the problem?

“Thankfully, I haven’t yet experienced “writer’s block”, though there can be days when I am short on time and fail to create anything worthwhile.”

12] Which is your preferred writing/creative style?

“Anything – Writing/Photography/Poetry – whatever hits my “creative nerve” for that day.”

13] What is the best thing about blogging in your eyes?

“Creativity and heterogeneous talent that you get to witness on everyday basis! It’s a treat to be able to acquire and discover so much just at a push of a click.”

14] What prompts you to write about a topic on the day that you post?

“It usually depends on the mood of the day.”

There are days when I like to challenge myself and write about topics that are sensitive and then, there are days when it’s all about fun and entertainment.

Real Talk

Soothing My Senses With Sense8

15] What advice would you award new bloggers to help and encourage them promote their blog and engage with their audience?

“Engage with other bloggers and appreciate them for stopping by your blog. Respond to the comments on your site and make sure that you check out “their” content too! Being part of the blogging community is a mammoth blessing and you cannot even fathom the kind of wonderful, multi-talented people that you’ll meet here. Embark on this opportunity and build relationships with your fellow bloggers. Trust me, it goes a long way when you take the time to “like, comment and interact” in the blogosphere!”

16] Do you have an overall blogging strategy or simply write because you enjoy writing?

“I write because I love writing. But yes, thanks to my OCD, there is some amount of planning and strategy involved in my blog and posts.”

17] Do you feel it is important to have an engaging audience to the content that you write?

“Yes, absolutely! Though the content can exist without an audience, but then what’s the point when you have no one to share it with?”

18] If no one ever commented on your blog would this concern you, and if so how would you rectify the situation?

“Yes, definitely! I would probably increase the number of comments I make on other’s posts to get the WordPress “give-and-take” effect in action.”

19] How long from start to finish would/can your content take you to complete?

“It depends on the content. It usually takes me anywhere between an hour to up to 4-5 hours to churn up a post depending on what the post is about.”

20] Which do you think are your best 3 posts to date? Please link below so that our readers can see your style and take a step into your world.

“To be really honest, there is nothing, no post on my blog that I am not proud of! All of my posts represent the honest me and I am in all actuality very “self-righteous” about my efforts. Feel free to read any of my posts, they’ll have something for you to take away.”

21] Finally, what advice would you offer new writers to the blogging community?

“It’s no secret that when you’re starting out blogging, the situations seriously can be a bit overwhelming! Too many trials and tribulations, what’s and whys. Post many blunders, here are 3 tips, that I think can help y’all to not do what I did, or do what I didn’t do!

1 BE AUTHENTIC – Be real, be YOU! I understand that there will be a lot of pressure to attract people to your blog but that does not mean that you blindly follow and ape a trend! Embrace your uniqueness and do not try to be someone who you are not.

2 DON’T OVERWHELM YOURSELF OR OVER COMMIT – If your schedule is preposterous then don’t stress trying to get a post – up every single day. Remember it should always be “Quality over Quantity” and not the other way round.

3 LOVE WHAT YOU DO – Remember that you are doing this for yourself and not to please anyone else. Put in your best of efforts and enjoy your work.”


Richa’s interview was great to do. I love reading through them all [interviews] when writing them up, as l always glean little extra goodies, opinions and ideas and valuable snippets. Richa’s filled my idea’s pot for a few days to come.

I can easily relate to the OCD aspect of blogging, l am somewhat frenetic in my own writing style and more so since l closed down the other two blogs l started with. Now l just don’t have enough time in any given day to write everything and my head seems to be exploding continually and l have to keep a scheduler for everything l am running.

However, l also feel that you too as a reader will find Richa’s interview as brilliant as l did and do.

As we have read from practically everyone to date and of course Richa is no different, be yourself so be authentic to you and your writing stlyle, don’t force yourself to produce content if it’s not there waiting at the front of your brain to be written about and above everything be passionate and love what you do, because your readers can resonate with that and also to engage with your audience, comment and like … interaction is one of the best things about WordPress and its community.

What l found very interesting and l quote “Yes, absolutely! Though the content can exist without an audience, but then what’s the point when you have no one to share it with?” This rings true, l continually see writers write that they are not worried about whether they have an audience read their content, but l have to ask if that is true why does anyone not simply close the comments sections down or close public viewing? I am not trying to be naive here as l do understand the concept of not being bothered, but it does confuse me and more so especially when said writers are so very pleased and enthusiastic when readers comment.

I think everyone wants to have their content read, l could be wrong and face a tirade of insults for stating that fact, but l am pretty sure that people love to receive compliments for something that have spent time on preparing to be both written and read.

Anyway, once more l thank Richa for taking the time out of her day to participate in the Truly Inspired series and giving us a heads up albeit small as to what makes her blog not just hers, but inspiring to others.



What made you start writing, what inspired you to decide to start blogging about your story? Tell us about it. Take us through a sampling of your journey – tell us what makes you who you are?

Please drop me an email at ….

…. and l will gladly write you up and share who you are.

It is simple – email me at the above Addy or drop me a line in my contact box and l will email you the questionnaire. Fill it in, send it back , and include images that you feel may support what you write, or about your blog, and l will write it up as a post and insert it into this series here.

47 thoughts on “iScriblr – Truly Inspired 40#

  1. I loved the questions and the answers. It was a good read to know more about the blogging etiquettes. Thanks for the share.

      1. I think you read my thoughts well.. Was planning to mail you but was finding difficult to participate this week as I am going for vacation and will be back on Sunday. Maybe I will fill the questionare and can participate in upcoming 43 or 44, as suggested by you

        1. Tanvir, the series is long running my friend, when is convenient you is more than fine, drop me an email when ready, or drop me a note to one of my posts here and we will roll 🙂

  2. Yay.. I made it!!❤

    Thank you so much Rory for giving me the opportunity to share my beliefs and ideology in the blogosphere! You truly are doing an awesome job! 🙂

    1. You know Mercury, isn’t it about time that you too completed one of these Truly Inspired Interviews yourself – l asked you before and you said you were busy, how about now? 🙂

      1. Rory my friend thank you as i always say you are one of the best around…. as you know i wrote nothing at all and just shared various pictures from my collections and randomly shared some articles, there are so many beautiful bloggers writes excellent and i remain the first from the last 🤣🤣🤣 but i surely ask you when i am ready myself i am glad to answer your questions. Thank you Rory as you are Kind and an excellent personality always. Cheers…. 💚💛💜💙👌❤️💐✨🌷🍀🙏

  3. Loved the questions and how they were answered did teach me a lot more about the blogging community and its ways! I have always loved Richa’s posts and I think this post did just great!

    1. Hey Frothywinter, many thanks 🙂

      First off, thank you for the follow, secondly should you at any time like to take part in the series, please feel to drop me an email at [Title email Truly Inspired] and l will gladly drop you a questionnaire 🙂


  4. Awesome.. Richa’s views and thoughts felt so much to be similar like mine.

    And when a post is read by others and if we get to see a positive comment it truly motivates you to write more..that’s what I feel..

    Thanks for sharing the thoughts and opinions of other fellow bloggers..

    1. Hey 🙂

      Glad you liked the read, if you would like to take part in your own interview please feel free to drop me a line 🙂


      1. Hi Rory,

        Thanks will surely get in touch once I find myself worth to be interviewed.. but you in​deed are doing a great work.. thanks for the time and effort..

  5. Beautifully written Richa. I enjoy reading you as always. Great series by the way Rory. Interesting questions too.

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