Dear Blog … 22.08 – 01/04/19

This IS me excited …… okay, well not really.

  1. 1.
    very enthusiastic and eager.
    “they were excited about the prospect”
    synonyms: thrilled, exhilarated, elevated, animated, enlivened, electrified, stirred, moved; More




    I don’t really ever do excited … l cannot even truly remember the last time l was excited, and especially with the description above, it’s quite alien to me. But l have heard this term a few times in the last few days …once from Suzanne, once from my sister and once from Dodge, my friend. Each one has basically said to the variation of ‘you could sound a bit excited, or you could at least look excited or simply, you don’t even look remotely excited?

    Well, that’s because l am NOT excited, and as said l am not sure of the last time l was actually excited?

    I mean when was the last time you were excited?


    Suze with her SAD [Seasonal Affected Disorder] is glad the clocks have gone forwards as this means that it is longer hours for daylight and that spring is here … she was excited the other day to such a degree she did her famous ‘pixie dance’ legs high, zany little dance movements accompanied by woots, woots and wooty woots! She was by all means visibly excited. She asked me if l was? “No, it’s just the logical time of the year and the clocks go forwards and the daylight is longer – it’s a natural course, what is there to be excited about darling? However l understand why you might be.”

    She just looked at me like l had three heads!


    This morning Dodge came over to ask how l was feeling, and how was the arm and the pain? I answered honestly, l felt okay, l had slight movement in my arm that l didn’t have last week, but l was still in a lot of pain. He answered with ‘no pain no gain!’ You must be excited it’s on the mend?

    We don’t know that it’s mending until it is mended surely? I answered. Well you have to remain focused and optimistic he answered and at least try and show you are excited. Why l asked. Should l not be excited when l have my life back , full movement of my arm, no more pain and no more tablets? Surely if l was to be excited it would be then, but as l am not at that stage and l don’t know where l am, what is there to be excited about?

    He said l was a pessimist! I am not a pessimist, but l am not yet excited.


    My father’s house went onto the market two weeks ago, and my sister rang me this evening and gave me some updates on everything, and that all going well we may have a buyer at £352,000 and in the space of a month from today the house could be sold and we will have some financial security in the bank. I was pleased l said, however the road could still turn bumpy, the time to be truly pleased was when the money was in the bank and the house was a done deal.

    She answered back with, ‘Gees you could at least sound excited?’ “Oh l see, l am supposed to feel excited l answered … okay, then this is me excited, is that better? Do you mean that she asked? No, not really l answered, but it could be good news.

    She informed me she would let me know the outcomes in the morning.

    Suze asked me was l excited about the house selling? I answered, the house hasn’t sold yet, it’s just offers, we still have the whole proceedure of seeing whether it goes through, but am l excited? No, l have no reason to be excited, if anything l am marginally stressed about it all, so l tend to detach from such things until everything is a done deal, then l don’t get excited, l am just pleased. I think it may be the fact that l am a pragmatist, perhaps pragmatists don’t get excited, do they get excited?

    Is it because l am an a Aspergian that l don’t get excited?

    I don’t honestly know the answer to this question, but l have heard variations of ‘you don’t seem excited for the last five or six years or so’.

    I had to sit down and say to myself ‘Well Rory, what do you get excited about and what have you been excited about?’ I hardly think that it’s appropriate to answer anyone about the first time of holding breasts in my hand, that was pretty damn exciting, sex was and has always been exciting, but l may be getting confused with stimulating.

    I even had to look at a list of things people get excited over or about.

    Here’s a list of exciting things …. apparently and with my response

    Reason To Be Excited


    Summer will soon be here … Okay, well it is once a year you know.
    Looking forwards to sleeping … Do people really get excited about that?
    Doughnuts, cakes … Seriously?
    Watching funny YouTube videos … Again l ask .. seriously?
    Listening to music .. Ok, but who gets excited?
    Connecting with people … Nice, but hardly exciting.
    Drinking coffee .. People need to get out more if that is exciting!
    Being highly creative! Fun perhaps, but exciting??
    Going home and taking your shoes off .. Okay, but hardly exciting?
    Hearing from someone, you haven’t heard in a while .. How is that exciting?
    Getting excited about being excited .. What? Am l six??
    Birthdays .. It’s just another day you know.
    Going somewhere new … Maybe to some, but not me.
    That you are alive … Pleased perhaps, but excited?
    Having a nice pen? Ha ha ha ha! You are joking right?
    A day off work No, doesn’t cut it.
    Clean sheets.. Pleasurable but not exciting.
    A good hair/makeup day.. Erm, no …
    You are loved .. Well what type of loving are we talking about?
    Motivational pep talks .. Erm, no …
    Holidays … Chance would be a fine thing.

    So the above is a bona fida list of apparently exciting things … tell me how excited are you, are you like bouncy excitable or passive excited like me?

7 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 22.08 – 01/04/19

  1. creativity can be exciting – visiting new worlds, new people, making them do things, finding ways to make their life twist and turn. Yes, I know, it’s all in my head, but where else can excitement happen?
    In the people I know, not one of them has shown a measure of excitement for so long that I’m sure they’d feel the same way you do – but if they won something, or … I don’t know because excitement is different for everyone, and the older we get, the more stimulus we need to ‘feel it’ – we become habituated to life, and forget to enjoy the things we can while we have them.
    That’s my two cents.

    1. Hey Cage, l think your two cents worth is pretty good, and pretty accurate, that as we get older certain emotions, behaviours and traits are not so new anymore, and excitement like happiness and perfection and beauty are things that we are not easily impreessed with anymore.

      Valid points 🙂

  2. I’m not one that gets excited easily, especially in public. That said, some small things in life create a dose of adrenaline that can make me jump for joy. For example, I’m excited about the next visit from my friends, Lisa and Darren. I think that the day before their arrival I’m going to dance the macarena in my kitchen! Each preparation of our monthly When Fashion And Nature Collide is also exciting. There is creativity in the air, a good stress linked to the challenge to surpass oneself as well as an intense pleasure to create. All these great sensations cause a feeling of intense happiness and that’s probably what being excited is all about: being happy or anticipation of happiness. Recently, a friend told me that he had bought me a vintage magazine of the 50’s. I should soon receive it. I am excited -a lot- and can’t wait to read the magazine… I think that when I’ll receive it, I will once again dance the macarena…. 😀 Your post and response made me laugh.

    1. Well yes, l can see those things being exciting for you Lady D, and whilst l might not use exciting for my descriptions, it’s not that l cannot see what may cause others to be excited, as l said to Suze the other day – l may not show my emotions all the time, but l am not a ogre ha ha – l know what excitement is, l just don’t seem to be experiencing but am always pleased for others 🙂

  3. I take my emotional states seriously. If I’m going to be excited, than it must be something truly exciting. No, I can’t recall the last time I was truly excited. I just believe we should be true to how we feel and not just dramatic for attention.

  4. I don’t get overly excited at any of those things on your list, either. They are great, but I don’t squeal and jump for joy at them.
    I will get super excited when I see my daughter & family who live in another state, because we only get to visit maybe once or twice a year. Lots of hugging, jumping up and down, and squealing. 🙂

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