QQ: The Art of off line Conversation – Dead or Alive?



QQ: The Art of off line Conversation – Dead or Alive?

Do you still like to engage in conversation with real people as in ‘off-line’ over written communication with people ‘on-line’?

If you do, why do you and is it healthy?

If you don’t why not and is that healthier?

Which do you prefer and why?

Now, l don’t really converse day to day with an awful amount of people ‘off-line’,  l have seen more more people this week than normal weeks and only because of my shoulder proceedure on Wednesday – this week since Monday l have spoken to three neighbours for roughly a total of 19 minutes, one postman and 2 delivery drivers  for a total of 8 minutes, one shop keeper for 10 minutes, my mother twice on the telephone for a total of 50 minutes, my surgeon and his team of four theatre staff for a total of 65 minutes, three hospital staff for a total of 25 minutes, two dog walkers for a total of 3 minutes and Suzanne every day. Therefore since Monday to today Saturday = 6 days and a total of 18 people excluding Suze and a total of 180 minutes or three hours or even more precisely  an average of three people per day @30 minutes!

That is basically still excluding Suze 14 people more than normal and perhaps 150 minutes longer.

Online, l have lost count of how many l have interacted with and for how long.

Some would say that’s not healthy, they may be right, yet l am not affected by it in any shape or form. I am not an introvert, but l find talking to people ‘off line’ quite boring unless we are discussing something useful, purposeful or topic specific – how about you, what has your week been like in so far as off line talking, conversing and generally communicating with people and do you think your practice is healthy or unhealthy?

Let me know your thoughts below.


16 thoughts on “QQ: The Art of off line Conversation – Dead or Alive?

  1. I love talking to people. You might have guessed that I am a gabster ! So be it family or friends or a chance met acquaintance in a store, I am talking talking and……….. you guessed it, talking. But I do enjoy conversation which have some meaning in them.

          1. I am, when I find someone who would listen. Not that sort of person who would talk your ears off but I like a good chat.

  2. I love this post and the question. My first instinct is that I prefer online to offline and have engaged more in online conversation this week. But, I will give it some more thought…😊

  3. I don’t particularly like talking to people offline. I have a friend that I talk to on most days, but aside from that I’d be quite content to go a week without talking to anyone other than online.

  4. I like talking to my daughters in text or on the phone anytime. Usually we chat daily in some form. Normally I will chat a little bit with my 3 coworkers during the week. I used to chat lots with friends online but I’ve cut waaay back as I found it became too stressful and gossipy. “Did you hear this about so&so?” “Keep this to yourself but…!” So many secrets to remember. It just couldn’t be helped due to human nature ~ and I’m not excepting myself from that. Since it’s too hard to control conversation once it begins, it’s easier just to have less of it. I see friends in person a few times per month, in a group, and have light discussion then. I’d rather keep things light ~ what I would post on my blog forex, rather than deeper stuff that must stay “secret.”

  5. Other than talking face-to-face with my wife, and occasionally with my kids when we get together, off-line communications for me are rare. And I hardly ever talk on the phone.

  6. YOU certainly know how to get a conversation started Rory. 😀
    This is a great question. I am voting “Alive” as I believe that there are better opportunities to learn from each other on social media than off line. Although, I do love to talk (a lot) with my family and close friends. I agree with you that it is healthy to be online, I find this a great way of getting to know like minded people, like yourself!

  7. Even though I have come into contact with some really lovely bloggers, I am always mindful that I don’t personally know any of them. We are strangers. I do like chatting, but of course it’s the people who I do know that I talk to the most…family, friends, colleagues.

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