Bear Necessities 2018


These are my Bears!

Bear Necessities 2018

I have had these two with me since my birth,
Yet they were present before my life even began,
And will be with me till my death,
Living with me till l am an old, old man,

When l was but a mere babe in my parents’ arms,
They were there secretly within the background,
Laying with me and keeping me safe from harms’,
As silent guardians in fur are truly bound,

Never truly alone was l in their company,
And they were always able to make me laugh and giggle,
With their antics that were always so funny,
Clapping hands, quiet smiles and quirky jiggles,

My mother, l suppose would have been their voice,
But they spoke to me in their own special way,
And did so, because it was their choice,
To treat me as their friend as together we all did play,

Mickey and Henry, as they were so named,
Were never judgmental, and always happy to comply,
Even if it meant becoming maimed,
Undergoing hospital treatment the same as l,

Albeit as l look upon Henry even now as l write,
I can see that it was him that was with me the most,
And together we recovered under lamplight,
From the appendicitis and tonsils removed from the throat,

Has to be said that l seem to be have been sewn up,
By the truer doctors of the day,
Whilst poor Henry, was patched by the grownups,
For now he seems to stand in a lopsided way,

Mickey was there to see to us both,
To ensure that he was present for the laughs,
And to make sure of our healthy regrowth,
That we were again happy on life’s path,

As the years crept upon me, and l did age,
They albeit still there gladly allowed me to grow,
Ever watching as l approached my teenage,
Years, and advanced through life’s ongoing tableau,

I have never been without them, my two silent friends,
Always perched high above me whilst l have slept,
No matter where l have ever been, they are there to attend,
Conversations deep within my mind or as l have wept,

Reminding me that no matter what, or how l may feel,
That l am never ever truly alone at heart,
For with faithfully loyal teddy bears,
True friendship is never far apart,

Together we are all aging now and becoming old,
Grey and fading they might well be,
But Henry and Mickey are part of my soul,
My childhood memories, my inner complexity,

But they no longer live totally alone on their perch,
For during my life have l too acquired friends for them,
Fuzz, Hooch, Ponarby, Joodles, Geoffrey and Smirch,
But it is to my original friends that l dedicate this poem,

I can not stand to see a teddy in the trash,
Thrown away like some piece of garbage from memory,
For with each child’s teddy bear comes panache,
And it is this that makes for the bear necessities!

© Rory Matier 2012


This is Henry Bear, he is 58 years of age and was one of my first best friends.

Yesterday evening, my Mother gave me a call and asked if l had ever seen the programme called The Repair Shop on BBC, and l had to say l hadn’t. She proceeded to tell me what the show was about which in short terms is a show where upon experts in their fields restored ancient and treasured antiques. Still l wasn’t really any the wiser. She then asked me if l remember those two bears l had called Mickey and Henry and l answered “Yes of course, l still have them, they hold a prized location in my office with all my other bears who l have rescued over the years.” Which caused her to cry and she continued to be sniffly all the way through the remainder of the call.

In truth, these two bears – as in Henry Bear and Mickey Mouse, are about the only two ‘toys’ that l have kept as treasured memento’s from my childhood. Some of you may have read the poem above before, and if so will know that l cannot ‘bare’ excuse pun to see a bear in a state of distress and so will rescue them and give them a new home and they will act as companions to both Mickey and Henry. I have about ten in total including a horse, so that is eight rescues in the last thirty years or so.

My Mother asked if knew the ages of my two favourites? Which l said “Of course, l believe Henry Bear is 58 years of age, whilst Mickey Mouse is just six months younger than myself, why?”

Mum, then started to tell me again the story of my two favourite companions.

If we lived in a perfect world, l would have had five Brothers and two Sisters, except the world isn’t perfect and not everyone had a Father like mine. Through his violent behaviour he caused my Mother to have several miscarriages. Two of which were twins, and three of which were not.

So when my Mother finally was able to give birth to a baby boy she was thrilled and overjoyed, equally as much as when she gave birth to my Sister. My Mother’s Mother, had bought Henry during the time of my Mother’s first pregnancy, and that is why Henry is 3 years older than me. Whilst Mickey was bought when l was six months old. Except, we were so poor back then [my Father either drank the money away or gambled it] that my Mother had to scrimp and save for Mickey and over the course of six months managed to finally buy Mickey.

As friends, Henry and Mickey were by my side till l was around ten years of age, and from that point they always had a place of honour in all of my bedrooms. Mickey used to have this cool trick that when you placed his hands together in a clasp, and then gently patted his back, they would pop open like he was in surprise mode.

Henry travelled with me to have both my tonsils and appendix out and also underwent the same proceedures. True friends to the hilt they both were.

Now my Mother’s suggestion was whether The Repair Shop would be able to restore my two friends to their former glory and that l should relate my tale to the BBC to see if they will do the necessary work on them.

I just thought l would share that with you today.


And this is Mickey Mouse, best friend of Henry and was my second best friend in the world. Mickey is six months my juinor.

16 thoughts on “Bear Necessities 2018

  1. Both my daughters have their special friends still. Monster Bear is nearly 30 & Squishy Bear is 24.
    It’s a beautiful, loving heart that continues to cherish childhood friends!

  2. The fact you still have your buddies and the memories of how they came to be with you says a lot about your character. As long as there is humanity in the world there is hope for it. <3

  3. A beautifully written poem. True friends never leave you alone, and you are never alone if you have a faithful friend with you.

  4. Oh that’s so sweet and so sad too.
    My oldest teddy bear is a year older than me and I still have him. Also I have a recently-acquired rescue bear who had been abandoned minus one arm whilst in the making at a charity workshop.

    1. Hey Chris, glad you enjoyed it, and that’s brilliant that you still have your teddy – really lovely. also rescuing the charity bear. I hate to see TB’s in any distress, if they could talk, oh the tales they would share – the joys, the sadness, the lows and hi’s, might even be a book there in the making 🙂

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