Dear Blog … 14.25 – 31/03/19


Sunday, Bloody Sunday,

We all have them don’t we? At least one day a week or month where things just don’t go or travel right? Well if you do not, then be very thankful, maybe you are just lucky.

However today l am experiencing Sunday, Bloody Sunday where so far things are just not going right – so therefore U2’s song is so appropriate!

Here in the UK, the clocks went forward last night, so at 2am, it became 3am, we lose an hour. Muppet here even though he knew that, forgot to change his alarm clock so of recent days with the shoulder pain, the tramadols and the sheer exhaustion of the day combined with poor quality sleep no longer has nor enjoys a qualitable sleep!

So l have been all over the place with my sleep or lack of sleep pattern. Thinking l was already rising late in the day at 9.45am, discovered that it was actually 10.45am. So although l went to bed at so called 4am, it was really 5am.

Suze had to be up early to travel to my Father’s property with her brother to collect the Mini my dad owns, it has not been on the road since May 2018, and is without MOT or tax, and so had to be trailered up here – l will not go into it, but another hash of my sisters should just be enough for my longer term readership to know to what l am referring to.

However Suze had to be up for new time 5am, to meet with her brother for 6am, so they could drive up to Epsom [100 miles] and get there early to hopefully avoid Sunday, bloody Sunday traffic, which they did. The car is now sitting in the garage in our neck of the woods rather than sitting desolate in a garage 100 miles away and Suze is on her way home.

In dogs world, it is not 1 hour later, it is still 1 hour like any other hour, so Scrappy is awaiting her morning walk. Which given everything of late, when l am walking her these days, l have to wait for my grogginess to abate and the new tablets of the day to kick in, so l am sitting by my computer thinking it is 10.24am, when the reality is 11.24am!

Seeing the time at that point l have completely forgotten about the clocks moving forwards and think how on earth have l lost that time from my alarm clock time [not reset] to my computer’s time [automatic reset]. I get up too quickly, stumble into the conservatory whack my right shoulder into the door jamb and then have hell on earth for ten minutes whilst l wait for the pain to calm down!

Making matters worse, l am four days into my proceedure and l am not feeling any less pain, just more pain and from different places on my right side! So l know, l know! The surgeon said ten days of increased pain, so perhaps the new pain is the healing pain, doesn’t make it any less of a pill to swallow!

If this wasn’t enough, l tried writing a comical post this morning called “The Mysteriousness of My Eyes and Ells!” Only for that to go horribly wrong! It was to do with  Fandango of This, That and The Other, Ribana of Popsicle Society and Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess  comments concerning my ‘i’s and ‘l’s’ which seemingly are not acting right in the written form. Then lord knows what happened to it, but fonts were a nightmare. So much so, l now have a posed question.

I write 90% of my posts direct in the WP editor, what is its natural font and are we able to change font types in the editor? I write 10% of my posts through Microsoft Word under the font type Calibri, because l have a dislike for Times New Roman and Arial. Is it possible maybe, that the whole thing is not down to an infliction [which it isn’t me doing], and not my spelling or writing as l am both capable in both, but more precisely something to do with the font types in WP?

Maybe someone can address that?

Finally, despite changing in my General Settings as advised my times within the editor are all squiffy now. so even know at this time of writing it IS 2.17 [14.17], if l want to post at my UK time, l have to take my time back by an hour, what on earth am l doing wrong now?

So far not having the best of days made worse by the fact that Suze has now returned with loads of unpaid bills and court warnings from my Father’s that my sister adamantly informed me she had taken care of, YET another bloody hash from the clueless tadpole!

Dear Blog ……



Nope still baffled folks!


16 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 14.25 – 31/03/19

  1. I think there’s something odd going on with how WordPress handles time changes. When we changed over to daylight savings time a couple of weeks ago in Canada, all my pre-scheduled posts that had been queued up for post-time change ended up being pushed back to an hour earlier than originally scheduled for.

    1. Hey Ashley, yeah l think that is what happened, it seems to be sorted now, but in the time my own head was struggling my WP editors wasn’t helping either ha ha 🙂

  2. Oh well not a really great Sunday indeed! Try to get some rest and tomorrow will be better! These days the timing of my posts was changed too🙄 I hate it when WP does these changes 😖
    The mystery of the ‘l’ 😆

  3. I haven’t noticed anything strange with your i and l, but there’s someplace in settings that you can change the font.
    They need to just do away with all this time change business, as it gets everyone all messed up.
    Sending healing vibes and wishes for less pain as the days go on.

    1. Hey Barbara, thank you for the healing vibes, l am at that point, where l need something to really start kicking this pain up its ass 🙂

      I think it maybe a font issue, but some people see the problem, others do not. I had a problem before WP where readers were seeing my then i’s as 1’s, because l was using Arial font, so now we have some with another issue ha ha, no winning at times 🙂

  4. If you go to your “customize” and click on your Theme, on of the options is fonts, where you can select from a list of fonts that work with your theme, both for the header and the body.

    As to why your capital “I” shows up as lowercase “L” other than at the beginning of a sentence, I have no clue.

    1. Cheers Fandango – l even got Suze on board to ask her, she couldn’t see it, but then she was the one who highlighted that in Arial my i’s looked like 1’s – l am like there is no winning here, but it’s an issue that is perplexing me further because not everyone sees it, which makes it more of a conundrum 🙂 Thanks for the heads up with regards fonts though – appreciate it 🙂

  5. Hoping you will soon notice an improvement in the use of your arm and the pain decreases steadily day by day!

    As for the I’s (i) and l’s (L), it hasn’t made any difference to me, for I have no problem distinguishing between them in the context of a sentence. As you can see, my type is also the same between capitol I and lower case l, whether it is my computer, the font, or WordPress. I do not know why, nor can I be concerned, because i’m just so grateful to even be able to use either at all, with my lack of knowledge where technology is concerned!

    Whatever! You, Rory, Dear, are so talented and have such fine writing skills, it seems to me any such small idiosyncrasy (as to I or l) would just be accepted as a rather unique trait of Genius, instead of something to be seen as wrong! 🙂

    I continue to hold you in my HEART, wishing you well.💞

    1. Good morning Betty – thank you for your lovely message – yes, l think l prefer it that way, it’s a unique glitch that makes me – me 🙂

      Have a lovely day ahead 🙂

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