The Elusive Farting Goat!! 2018


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The Elusive Farting Goat!!

Twas Britchy of Bitchin’ in the Kitchen who requested this of me, and l must concede to being slightly baffled as to why anyone would wish or desire to be informed and educated on the elusive farting goats of this world. I mean all animals including ourselves fart, break or pass wind, however folks this IS Britchy we are talking about, so why should we expect any less? I figured as it was a Sunday and notably Sunday Funday to boot, then l would humour her.

My stories concerning goats are relatively slim at best, l have only had a few experiences with them, and predominately due to the error of someone who was supposed to be buying something else.

My business very rarely dealt with agricultural livestock, although at times l did receive a few enquiries into ‘rare breeds’ in th form of cattle or sheep, occasionally birds – although l do have a few more tales of birds and one day l will write about my notorious Plucky!  But goats, not a great deal in that arena, however without further ado, here is a farting goat!

………. and in case you missed that ‘elusive noise’, here are some more! Please note something else about this particular goat called Buster!

Did you see that ?

The reason l ask that question is because in my speed of reading Britchy’s answer, l actually mistook her ‘fainting goats’ for actual ‘farting goats’. Buster here, is not just a farting goat, but he is also a fainting goat, therefore making him a farting fainting goat!

Is ‘Fainting Goat an actual thing? Yes. Known also as ‘myotonic goats’, which basically is a goat that has a mini panic attack and promptly freezes or siezes up with a moment’s worth of stress due to suddeness! The video above totally shows this in action, and the video further down highlights it in a little more detail.

Admittedly due to my lack of experience with myotonic goats, l cannot comment any more clearly, however l do have a lot of experience with farting goats. As the goats l had in my keep for a little while were a constant delight for their farting cocophany and blustering gases!

The fainting goat although a domestic goat is a slightly smaller breed than the standard goat breed. They have a muscle condition known as myotonia congenita which is a genetical mutation that affects the muscles. In truth, they do not faint at all, but simply sieze up for miniscule moments of time unless it is a severe attack which can last for several minutes. Many species suffer from this including humans. In addition to this, these goats have very prominent eyes as in appearing to bulge from their sockets.

There we go, that is about as much as l can offer you Britchy.

Hope that has made your day complete.

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  1. I think it’s sad. I’ve seriously got my bottom lip stuck out, boo boo face🙁
    I mean, the one that got scared by it’s fart is kinda funny… Reminds me of a Golden Retriever we had who was terrified of her own farts… But still…poor little goats…

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