4 Paws Diary – Ep 34


Episode 34

4 Paws Diary

30th March 2019

Sometimes Daddy Annoys Me Soooooooooo Much!

me two

Hey Everyone!

You know it’s not often l call Dad – Daddy – in fact it’s pretty rare indeed. I call Mummy – Mummy all the time, she is never Mum or Mom, she is Mummy – and Dad well he is never Daddy, just Dad, in fact he used to be mostly known by me as ‘Just Dad’ all the time and it was ‘Always Mummy’ – ‘Just Dad and Always Mummy’.

Tomorrow is Mummy’s Day and Dad helped me pick out a Mummy’s Day Card for her, it is a really funny card and l think Mummy will find it funny, because sometimes Mummy is funny, better known as ‘funny Mummy!’ So she should like the card.



Mummy helps me pick out Dad’s card for Dad’s Day as well, so it is always mutual.

Anyway, you’ll only hear me call just Dad – Daddy when l am annoyed with him! Last night l was really annoyed with him, but then he said he was frustrated with me too!

You see yesterday afternoon Mummy went out to meet one of her friends in London for a night out, they went to somewhere called WaggatMammas?? Which sounds a bit like a betrayal to me. I can wag at Mama so why does she need to go somewhere – where they wag at her as well??

According to Dad, it’s not WaggatMammas but Wagamamas and l am like ‘Right well Dad! Am l missing the point or something, but where is the difference to what l am saying and you are saying??” He then said it was a restaurant called Wagamama they served Japanese food and l guess l will have to believe him, because if it is NOT that, then it sounds to me like some seedy strip joint for K9s! What then is my Mummy doing at a place like that???

Mummy left yesterday at just before 4pm, meaning Dad had to walk me, fine no problem, and as we were walking after Mummy had gone, Dad said Mummy would be back not late but later, but not later than just late – he said that! He did, his words!!

So by Mummy’s normal home time at 6, she wasn’t home and l went up to Dad and said listen here buddy, where’s my Mummy? He told me that she wasn’t home at 6pm, by any luck she would be arriving in London at that time, he said she should be by no later than 10pm! Well l may not be super duper intelligent but l know that 10 is more than 6, by 4, so l only had to wait for the 4 to go, before it was 10! Then Mummy would be home.

Okay l thought l could take that strain.

But by 7, which is only 1 after 6 and 3 before 10, l was getting according to Dad, a little bit oddish! He said l was comfort eating! I wanted more food, l was hungry and had not had everything for my day, so it wasn’t completely ‘comfort eating’ it was hungry eating with maaaaaybe a little bit of ‘stress eating’. I can’t help it l miss Mummy. He is a fine one to talk, he misses Mummy too. Like when Mummy is going to see her daughter in Australia, he misses her and is always worrying about her flying times, which is very confusing because l have NEVER seen Mummy fly, but what’s the panic l ask? He says he always worries more when Mummy is flying!

I don’t see the difference when Mummy is in London or flying to Australia, she is gone for a very long time either way!

But then Dad became Daddy! Because blah blah Daddy told me off five times because l was making too much noise, panting, huffing, puffing, howling, whimpering, muttering and wanting to go into the garden ‘umpteen times’ according to blah blah blah Daddy! He told me that it was only 7pm. Which is 1 after 6 and 3 before 10, and that is confusing in iself why B4? He wanted to know why he was having to tell me off long B4 10?

Mattered not, so l ate, moaned, groaned, made noise, howled, foot stomped, went out into the garden, huffed and puffed and didn’t want to be in the same room as blah blah blah blah Daddy, so l sat beside the door waiting for Mummy and did my little whimper howl!

Now, Daddy mr Blah, and so on, doesn’t like what he called uncontrolled noise which is my huffing, puffing, panting and whimper howls, so l was so annoyed at him, l did that some more. Yes, l know he is in pain, and l know it hurts him to keep getting up from the chair and letting me out into the garden … but l missed MUMMY!!!

Mummy said to Dad, she would phone him when she was on the train to come home, and when the phone rang and Dad and l went to answer it, he spoke and his face dropped a little … ? When he got off the phone he gave me very bad news!! Mummy was going to be late because there was a problem with the lines!? What lines l thought, she was on a train??

How late l asked Daddy? Much later, he answered. Well how much later? Well maybe Mum will be home by 2.

2 l thought, but 2 is way before 10, he said no it’s the 2 after the 10. What 2 after the 10 l yelled? There is a 2 after the 10, he kept on saying, but l was by this time, very upset with Mr silly blah blah blah Daddy!

I kept asking him the time, and l heard, 10, 11, 12, and then 1. 1 l thought what about 13? he said we were not working to the 24 hour clock. 24 l thought – how many of these silly numbers are there?? 

Dad, said it was 1.18am when Mummy walked back through the door, and boy oh boy was l pleased to see her, until Daddy blah blah told her l was a little bit naughty because l was missing her! So this morning, Dad, was again Daddy!!

But now he is just Dad again, and Mummy, well Mummy is always Mummy!

Anyway, thanks all for tuning in, and l will be back maybe in April, so…

Till then, Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

me two

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    1. Not according to blah blah Daddy! well okay that’s not that true, he says l can miss her all l want, but do so without all the performance!

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