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K9 Interviews

K9 Questionnaire

A] Personal Details

1] Your Name?

Rocket Ralph Wilson

2] What do you call your 2-leggeds?

Mom or Mommy

3] What K9 Breed are you?

Chihuahua, but Mommy calls me “booboo”

4] How Old Are You?

Mommy says I’m an old man.  I’m 7!

5] Do you live inside or outside and more importantly – do you run your household?

I live inside and sleep on Mommy’s big bed!  I sure do run the house!!  If I want to go outside at 2am to see if there is anything new going on in the back yard, my Mommy knows to get up and let me out!  If she doesn’t I won’t let her sleep! Hee hee!  

6] Where abouts in the world do you live? 


Mommy says we live in Texas.  Sometimes when  it’s real hot, she says we live in hell.  (oops! Sorry…)

Standing Rocket

B] Exercise/Play Time/Adventuring

7] How often do you take your 2 leggeds for a walk?

We walk almost every day!   

8] Do you do lots of adventuring when out and about?

Sometimes.  I get to go with Mommy in the car a lot! 

9] Do your 2 leggeds allow you to talk to other K9’s on your walks or do they huff and puff behind you and urge you to hurry along?

When we go to the Park, I get to visit with lots of other dogs!  It’s fun to meet new friends!

10] Are you allowed to do ‘stuff’ on your walks freely? Do you walk off or on lead?

No. Mommy lets me explore around at the park, but I stay on the leash.  She says it’s a “Rule”. 

11] Have your 2 leggeds ever embarrassed you? If so how? 

2nd day at daycare

It was just soooo embarassing!

One time, I was giving a big cat in the yard next door a good talking to, letting him know who’s boss in THIS yard and Mommy kept calling and calling me!!  I was just about to really tear into this mangy fur ball when Mom scooped me up and carried me into the house!!  It was SO embarrassing!  I still haven’t lived it down.  Miss Kitty is always teasing me about it!

12] Do your 2 leggeds expect you to fetch the ball/toy every time during soft/hard play?

I was FINALLY able to break them of THAT habit!  They know better now. 

13] Do you have favourite toys and if so, what are they? 

Scrappy, please don’t tell anyone… I have a stuffed squeaky toy Rhino that I’ve had for a LONG time.  Sometimes, I nurse on it.  It’s soothing!  I also have a lot of other squeak toys.  Mommy gets me new ones all the time!

14] Are you a very much loved K9?

Yes! Mommy is always telling me that she loves me. 

15] Do your 2 leggeds take you away on holidays with them?

Yes!  I got to fly in a AIRPLANE with my mom!!  It was a little scary, but Mommy was right there with me.  We are always riding in the car together.  I get to go see my cousin Sasha at Uncle Bruce’s house a lot.  We play and plat together! 

C] Eating/Food/Treats

16] Are you given treats? What are your favourites?  

Yes!  Mommy says that she’s going to go broke buying treats.  I don’t know what that means, but she gives me lots of treats!  Some I like and some I don’t.  My favourites are the Greenies and the chicken jerky!

17] Are you fed a nutritional diet and is your food moist or dry or both or even the raw meat diet?

Mommy cooks chicken and mixes that in with my kibble.  Sometimes she will put salmon oil on it!! That’s really good!!

18] Are you allowed to sample your 2 leggeds food?

Yes.  When Mommy feeds me, if I wait until she’s done eating, a lot of the time I will get some of her food mixed into mine!

Xmas Scarf

D] Your Personal K9 Stuff

19] Do you have a favourite piece of 2 legged clothing and if so, do they know?

No! I don’t like to wear stuff!  Mommy makes me wear a sweater if it’s real cold and I do, but I don’t like it.  

20] Do you deliberately play up at times, just to annoy or worry the 2 leggeds?

Shhhh… Don’t tell!!  At night, or early in the morning, if I’m awake and I want Mommy to be awake too, I’ll stand up in bed and shake.  That always wakes her up!  If she doesn’t get up, then I stand REAL close to her face until I see her eyes open!  THAT gets her up! 

21] Do you have a bed or a favourite sleeping place?

hard at workm

I have LOTS of beds!  I have a bed on the couch in the living room and one on the floor.  I have one that Mom keeps in the car.  There is one out on the deck in the back yard.  I have one in the Big bed where I sleep with Mom and one on the floor in the bedroom.  I don’t know how many that is, but it’s a lot!

22] Are you always with your 2-leggeds or do you sometimes need ‘Time out?’

I LOVE to be with my Mom.  It makes me sad to have to stay home when she leaves. 


23] Do your 2 leggeds make you ‘dress up?’ If so, when or what for and do you enjoy it?

No.  I don’t like to wear stuff.  Mom used to try and make me, but now she doesn’t. 

24] Are you photogenic or make them run after you to capture you on film?

Mommy calls me Handsome all the time.  She has lots and lots of pictures of me. 

25] Do you have a friendly vet?

I HATE going to the vet.  It scares me!!  All they want to do is poke and prod me.  They stick me with things!  It’s terrible!


26] What would be your pawfect day?

It would be a day when Mommy stays home with me.  We play all day, maybe go to the park and walk and play some more! Mommy would give me LOTS of treats and loves!  Then, when Mommy fed me dinner, it would be the bestest, yummiest food ever!  At night I would get in the Big Bed with Mommy to snuggle and sleep.  That would be a pawfect day!  

Finally, in your own words tell us something about both you and your 2 leggeds that the questions haven’t touched on or asked about – something unique …

I go to work with my Mommy. Most of the time.  She’s says that I am her Office Assistant.  Some of the 2 leggeds say that I am the “security system”.  Whatever that is…  People come into Mommy’s office to visit me and gives me loves!  I help Mom by taking her outside on breaks and when it’s time to check the mail.  I go with Mommy into meetings, just in case she needs me to remember something for her.  Some days if I work too hard I take naps in my bed in Mommy’s office.  Mommy and I visit the other 2 leggeds in the office and I get lots of loves from them too!  After a long day at work, Mommy drives us home.

Also l wanted to give my Mommy a call out to her blog as a thank you for letting me do the interview, you can find her at …..

Penny Wilson of Penny Wilson Writes


Scrappy’s Thanks


My special thanks to Rocket Ralph Wilson and his Mom Penny Wilson for taking the time out to paw up this wonderful interview! Rocket, yep l do agree you seemingly have your Mommy in exactly the smae position as l have mine – under the paw – that is the place for all 2 leggeds!

My Dad is more difficult to pin down, but if l make noise or what he calls ”unregulated noise” that ensures l have his attention. If l do the shake thing you wuff about, that also works, l know how to break my Dad! Psst – another neat trick is to pant, pant and pant some more, it drives my Dad nuts!

However we still love them, l love  my Mummy like you love yours and l still love Dad even if he is extremely frustrating at times!

But l really enjoyed reading your answers and l must thank you again for taking time to enjoy the interview.

Always remember Rocker – Power to the Bark!

As Rocket himself said please do check in on his Mommy’s blog Penny Wilson of Penny Wilson Writes

Hope you enjoyed reading … Tootle Pip from Doodlepip!

If you are interested in pawticipaing please email me at doodlepip03@gmail.com and l will email you back with the questionnaire.

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  1. Rocket is one lucky little guy and Mom Penny is a lucky 2-legged. Rocket getting to go to work with Mom is so awesome!

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