What – Did She Just Say That?? 2018


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What – Did She Just Say That?? 2018

Sometimes we say the funniest things, – and today my partner said something that l just had to share, and l thought what better way to kick off this series with, than this?

Suze and l are both really busy with various tasks and obligations that we have written a cheque to that perhaps we should have given more thought to. The old joke that you wait ages for one bus, then three come along at once is classic here currently, and is set to be here for a good six months!

In classic terms a real case of Extreme PITA Syndrome [Pain in the Ass]! I will not go into all the details, although l feel in my bones and quite possibly more precisely in my metacarpals you will read of it all soon!

For me, l have foolishly and almost imbecilely committed myself to taking three online courses with Northbrook college that have to be completed in 6 months! One course per 8 weeks. I feel like one of those numpties who goes into a restaurant and orders the biggest ‘Eat this dessert’ and get a free meal’, and then finding themselves either forced to give up or continue with sheer I WILL DO THIS attitude. However l have to be careful, because l have done that on many occasions in my past with desserts to crackers to chillies, so why am l so surprised at this online workshop concept?

I should have realised that all these years on from intensive studying whilst at college and in my younger years that taking on board a course of this nature would be hard going … how hard could it be l remember saying?

In truth – HARD, not because l can’t do it, but more so, because of the three buses problem. Suddenly things, tasks and other such encounters have all decided to lump together and say “Heeeyyy!!”

So now l am none too sure if l am coming or going most days! Suze is in exactly the same position or soon will be, [l giggle nervously] – she too has taken three courses and all her other ventures have now come hopping over like deranged bunnies on a day out to embrace her!

So with both of us ambling around like something from the Walking Dead most days, there are times when we are not always too sure of what we have said!

As some of you may know, there is a third member to this household notably Scrappy Doodlepip! Who feels that she is not always getting all the attention warranted to a 14 year old elderly lady and so she plays up on this. Getting in the way, being exceptionally moany and incredibly vocal – in all the years l have had her by my side, never have l ever heard her full vocabulary of woofs, arfs, moans, eeelfs and what not! Plus never at the decibel range she can make these sounds heard!!?

Scrappy is certainly one dog who knows how to get her 2 leggeds looking at her in disbelief! I assure you! She is no different to a child in many ways, excluding the obvious such as a tail, four legs and fur – if you can forget all that, l say again, she is no different to a furry child! It is always ‘Entertain Me!!!”

This morning she was no different, Suze has had to go out, and has so much to do and was running around like a headless chicken, with Scrappy weaving in and out of moving legs and moaning. She has had her breakfast, her morning walk, her treats, her cuddles and everything else a dog of her age simply demands, but wants more!

Suze sent her to her bed to ‘sleep’ and so reluctantly Scrappy slinked off to her bed, where currently now that Suze has departed she is lying there snoring and farting – l know the joys!

But with a reluctant and rather loud ‘musical arfs’ and looking at Suze like she was indeed some kind of swamp monster from outer space, to which point Suze declared …“Don’t look at me as if l have two eyeballs and one nose young lady!”

During the pregnant pause that followed, l swear down Scrappy looked at me as if to say “Dad, did she just say that?”

Suze meanwhile had paused looked at me and said ‘Oh hang on a minute!!”

Really was a funny reality check l can assure you!!

But maybe you had to be here ….

Anyway, back to study. Please, feel free to add any funny jokes or stories you may also have in the comments section below.

23rd March 2018

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  1. Hilarious! My hubby walks around making up new words to old favorite songs. He is most always singing about our dog, Big Bubba Bear. I will start taking down the words for you….he cracks me up daily!

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