I Just Wanted To Say!



I Just Wanted To Say …….

Good Morning, Good afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night Folks!


Quote of the Morning

You’re going to go through tough times – that’s life. But I say, ‘Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.’ See the positive in negative events.

Joel Osteen

Motivation Ping


Music to Start Your Day!!!

Step back to the 70’s – 1971 – 1975 – Golden Oldies!






The My Community Call Out

Check out some of my Favourite Blogs!

I follow a lot of blogs, and l have quite a few readers of my own. The bloggers l call out every morning are my most interactive engagers. We enjoy conversations, comments and our writings and inspirations daily, weekly and monthly. They are the very inner core to my audience, my readership – l have a lot of time for my personal community. They motivate and enthuse me, they support and encourage me. If you are not yet aware of any of the bloggers l display to you over the next 7 mornings, please take the time to stop by their blogs and stay awhile – you’ll make their day equally as much as mine and yours. These are warm and approachable people who love writing and meeting new bloggers.

Thanks for reading, this morning l give you ..

Laundry and Dishes

Patti Moore Wilson of Wednesday’s Child

Renard Moreau

Brother Afzal of Scribbled Verse [PLUR]

Nova of  My Namaste 365 Online

Penny Wilson of Penny Wilson Writes

Carolyn of Hawkfeather Stories

Ruth of Don’t Eat It Soap

Lorraine of Blind Wilderness

JP the Wide-eyed Wanderer

More of my friends tomorrow!

Morning Call Out Directory




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      1. I am better for getting rid of the bulky bandage. The pain in just reduced to tenderness and can resume my daily walks. I hope that your pain will start to lessen gradually.

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