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Well, what can l say? They weren’t lying when they said there would be more pain! The pain today has been somewhat extraordinary, l have very little proper movement in my right arm. I still have the ability to type , although not for long periods. I am very grateful for the higher dosage pain killers, because l think l may have been truly scuppered without them.

Sleeping was a nightmare last night, and l woke up in agony, but l cannot complain, they said this was to be expected.

I have at my own concession got a pretty good patience level, but l have a limited level for stupidity, ignorance, arrogance and nincompoopitis! Sadly my sister is all four of those.

The sage continues about what she hasn’t done, what she has lied and stated she has done, only to have the real truth oust itself out and low and behold then we discover the lie, the untruth – the blatant stupidity!

Months ago, l told her that l couldn’t find her decree absolute in dad’s paperwork, and she needed to write off and apply for a new one, because during this whole process we would need to see her name deedpolled to Matier again from her married name. Being awarded each month from October almost religiously with “Yeah, yeah, yeah l know what l am doing!” Each passing month and still she never did it.

Today she lost her rag  – cussing and cursing our solicitor for his lack of efficiency and that he was the worst lawyer on the planet and why? Because something we need doing with pensions that relies on us being displayed as our surname [we are both divorced]  is required.

I used to have a double barrel name when married of Matier-Dean, l when divorced changed it back to Matier, through deedpoll as l was required to do for a number of different organisations and institutions, cost me roughly £25 and hey pronto l was me again, simple proceedure. My Sister never did apparently and obviously now, meaning that in many ways she has gone about things – technically illegally.

Of course the other thing is that our father, silly burk that he was ran my sister’s financial life and she the bigger burk allowed him to do so, meaning the end result is a person about as clueless to common sense as a tadpole would be to the desert!

She has no idea about anything – anything!? How is THAT even possible to have no idea about anything?? She maintains she is an independent woman living as a singleton with no ties and yet my father since the year 2000 has financed everything – it gives genuine women who have had to really struggle not just for their independence but also to be able to quite rightly in many cases, say l did this by myself a bad name!

In some cases my sister should be ashamed of just how much she let someone else not just think for her, but pay for everything, she has never had to wish nor desire anything, and in recent months that has become all too apparent, as she is now in huge debts! She has no idea how to manage money, or even perform the simplest of tasks?

So here we are again, more delays, meaning even more delays on receiving the monies we should already have received.

I am so tiring of all of this!

Nincompoopitis doesn’t even cover this fuckwittery!

Dear Blog ……

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    1. Oh l know that as do you too, but there is no telling my sister she has inherited my father’s blatant arrogance and ignorance and combined with her own stupidity and thinking she is always right and everyone else is a buffoon – she cannot see it for herself.

      It is actually unreal!

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