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I have designs for bees because l really truly love Bees and it’s sad as so many people confuse them with wasps which are not bees. There are wasps that are pollinators as well, but very few. Wasps despite their annnoying habit of being able to sting us way more than once [which kills a bee as it pulls the sting out of its abdomen] still serve gardeners a purpose, because they come along and gobble up larvae and aphids that many gardeners could well do without.

So don’t just declare war on a wasp, be mindful of the wasp – the secret is to not piss off the wasp, and just let it get on its merry way. I love wasps, and so much so, l have had them sitting on the back of my hand before. They are calm if you are calm. Although l love bees more, don’t just Bee smart, but Bee all you can bee, bee a bee hero 🙂

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  1. I can take a bee or leave it. And I have an Aunt “Bea” and my grandmother was “Bea” as well. Now those hornets that seem to love my home? They can F*ck OFF! >:( I hate them more than I hate T-dump and that’s saying something!

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