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Ask Fandango and he will answer he is pretty much a yes except when he is a no, unless of course he is dead! I know, l know, it does sound exactly like another episode of Soap!

This, That, and The Other

9BA33D35-8F0A-473F-A115-F59FE976B3DCRory, aka A Guy Called Bloke, has asked yet another series of thought provoking questions.

When was the last time you tried something new?

On Sunday when I went to a vegan Chinese restaurant and had Orange “Chicken” made with batter-fried soy protein (instead of chicken) cooked in sweet and sour orange sauce. It was actually quite good.

Do you ever get excited about happiness?

Yes, especially when I’m happy and excited.35204A82-8A44-4EBA-BF40-839909ADA162

Do you question enough or simply accept everything? As in if l said Jump – would you say no or how high or why?

I rarely accept things on face value. I want to know the source of the information and look for multiple sources for confirmation.

What is your preferred blog reading style – do you like light hearted, emotional and heart-felt, comedy, learning about things, philosophy, something that you bite into and guage some depth…

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