QQ: How Colourful Are You … Really?



QQ: How Colourful Are You … Really?

In the world of my yesterdays, l wore on a continued daily basis fifty shades of colour me do! I was always wearing colours, colour was my life!

Yet,Β  these days l wear mostly greys and blues, practically no colour at all! Take today, grey bamboo joggers, grey marl cardigan, grey and white tee shirt, and grey socks and from memory, black boxers! Hardly colourful is it?

I have decided that l am in the next few months going to start a new series, called Waistcoat Weekly, and l might even tie it up with my Podcasting series, and l have been looking into Vlogging as well – l know ‘Get Me!!’

But l was saying only the other day to Suze l need more colour in my life!

How about you, how colourful are you on a daily basis with the clothing you wear?

25 thoughts on “QQ: How Colourful Are You … Really?

  1. You know Rory, women clothing is generally more colorful than men clothing. My husband also wears black, blue gray and an occasional khaki thrown in. I love to wear colors but not all look good on me. My preferences are blue, navy, maroon, red, peach and white. There maybe others which I will remember later!

    1. yes, you are quite right, generally womens’ clthing is more colourful. If l want more colour in my life l have to buy online, as there is very little commercially available.

  2. I tend to wear muted colors, for ease of matching. But I could certainly go for a change of pace. I hate shopping for clothes though.

      1. Maybe I should try. Sizing is hard enough in person, I wouldn’t know where to start. Lol

  3. No one has ever accused me of dressing like a peacock. My typical attire consists of jeans and either casual shirts or t-shirts. My jeans range in color from light blue to dark blue, while my shirts are mostly blues, browns, grays, or greens. Some have subtle patterns, like stripes or plaids, but subdued. So my answer to your question is that, when it comes to clothing, I’m not very colorful at all.

  4. I think I also need more colours in my life 😊 Usually office attire is quite boring, most of the time plain colours: black, white, beige, blue…but in my spare time I love bright orange, red, green…I remember my grandma she used to say to wear bright and colorful clothes as when I will be old I have time for darker clothes 😊

    1. Hey Ribana, and l totally agree with your Grandmother – there is a time for darkness and a time for colour, the latter being now! πŸ™‚

      I need to return to colours.

  5. I tend to wear black a lot, but if you look at my wardrobe you will also see a lot of color. Purple, blue, mint green, orange, lots and lots of red, white, gray, and yellow. Right now I’m wearing a purple top, black with gold polka dot dress pants, knee high, black leather boots, and you can’t see them, but I’m wearing neon pink socks! πŸ™‚

  6. I do like colour – but I don’t like it to be clashing colours.
    One a sunny day I am more inclined to wear colours. Winter time I guess for practical reasons I wear more navy and or tan or beige. But will brighten things up with a colourful cardi or scarf where I can.
    Summers so different. Lots of colour.

  7. I’m one of those seasonal types of dressers… Winter, is dark. Mostly black, gray, dark blues. Spring & Summer, teals, aqua, peach, yellow, lavender, and mostly anything that brightens up my mood. Also, a great number of prints. Autumn is rust, reds, golds, a lot of brown and the black seeps in real quick. This also applies to my sleepwear too. Everything revolves around the seasons and mood.😘

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