QQ – Ask Me a Question, Anything You Like!



QQ – As Me a Question, Anything You Like!

Yes, that’s right, ask me a question anything you like, it doesn’t matter what it is, what genre, what topic – it can be about anything …. but what’s the catch l hear you ask?

That your question is a question you wouldn’t mind answering yourself?

Drop your questions below.


59 thoughts on “QQ – Ask Me a Question, Anything You Like!

  1. Question: have you ever dressed up for Halloween, costume party, etc? If so, what’s the best costume you ever dressed up with?

    1. Hey Li, yes l used to love dressing up for most things. I would dress up for carnivals and parties, for school plays and the such like. When younger l was part of an amateur production team and of course l would be able to dress up a lot of the time then.

      The best and most disastrous costume l ever wore was when l was 15 and l attended a school Halloween party ‘.

      l got my mum to bandage me up to look like an Egyptian Mummy, and it was actually very good, except it was too good and my mum forgot that her son might need a wee.

      Which no surprise l did, and it took me ages to unravel to get the relief l needed, and in the process l got so stressed, l tripped over my own bandages, banged my head on the cistern and caused it to bleed, wet myself and when l stumbled out dazed, l was then thrust onto the dance floor and made to dance, with everyone cooing and ahing at my remarkable false blood that was seeping through my head dress, until l collapsed into a heap and the discovered the even grimmer truth!!

      I wasn’t laughing then, but l can laugh now, and more so when l remember the faces of the ambulance drivers when they turned up to take me to the local hospital.

      So the answer is yes – a too good Mummy!

      This question will be used in the new game Spin The Keyboard Yarn.

      1. omg Rory, funny now but as you said, the best and most disastrous! Spin The Keyboard Yarn sounds like it could be a hoot.

    1. Hey Carol Anne -no not really. I am wary of many, as l know what they can do in so far as bites and stings. But l tend to respect most things and try not to cause offence in such a way that a wasp might decide to ruin my day by stinging me.

      I am very careful when in the garden as an example barefoot or with shoes on, so l don’t tread on anything.

      I tried to rescue a wasp the other night, that had come out of hibernation badly, sadly it died.

      So answer – no 🙂

      Question to be used for Spin the Keyboard Yarn 🙂

      1. It’s good you are aren’t afraid of them, I’m deathly afraid of wasps and bees probably because I’ve never been stung by one

        1. In truth, you don’t want to be stung by either. But bees are your way lesser enemy, they die if they sting you sadly, whereas a wasp can continuously sting you and still live. Whilst bees are one of our greatest pollinators, wasps [very few aid in pollunation] are really great for clearing out enemies of the garden.

  2. I have a few questions … 🙂

    Is Suze still thinking of starting her own blog?
    Those questions you come up with in NO WAY/SO WAY … have you done most of those things?
    How did your shoulder problems develop? Do you know whether it is through repetitive use? Or was it a specific injury?
    You have lived a very interesting life Rory – do you keep in touch with many of the interesting characters you have crossed paths with in the past?
    When I listened to your podcasts, I thought your voice gave away such a strong Australian accent – how long did you live in Australia for and how long have you lived outside of Australia?
    You have different ways to earn your bread and butter over the years – is there one form of work that you think particularly suited you and made you feel purposeful?
    How do you keep up with so many followers? I find it overwhelming at times even now to keep up with other bloggers…you have over 1600.

    1. Hey Mel, my goodness, that is quite the list, all of these questions have at one point or another been addressed in the blog – but here we go 🙂

      1] Will Suze ever start her own blog?

      No, l do not ever think she will. Suze says lots of things but really she is only ever interested in doing the practical side to her wish list – such as pottery, glass blowing, foraging and so on. At her own concession she prefers reading to writing and she doesn’t read that much.

      2] Have l done the things in the questions l ask?

      Yes, there are very few that l ask that l haven’t done, so in a 100% format, l have done 99%

      3] The shoulder injury?

      The shoulder injury was caused by repetitive strain on the acromion as a first – the strain weakened an already weakened acromion, which had been injured many years ago when l was struck by a beam that fell onto my shoulder from a height of 15 foot. At the time l thought l had broken my shoulder, the reality was just a displocated shoulder, but the longer injury was a destabilised acromion. The acromion process as it is better known is a small bone that is part of the clavicle and part of the shoulder blade.

      When l used to work with animals, l used to be involved in a particular over the shoulder move of lifting and moving heavy objects, up and to my right and down.This was what caused the repeat straining.

      4] Keep in touch?

      Do l keep in touch with any people from my past? No, it’s not in my nature to stay in contact with people once they are outside of my six. The 6 is a distance thing, some refer to it as the Bullseye Concept. Imagine a dart board, the centre being your closest friends, the circles that are further away from the centre is how you view friendships – so – close friends, friends, casual friends, colleagues and acquaintances – that is how most people work.

      I work with a different and much smaller nucleus as in the 6. I never have more than 6 people that l consider close to me, and quite often it is much smaller than that, usually about 2. My closest friend is Suze, next along is Scrappy. i do not need lots of friends in real life to function. With WP it works differently – l have a better time with regards friendship – which to me is a very confusing concept anyway – with people online, as l am able to control them more in so far as not overcrowding me, narking me off, over bothering me and so l can have a much larger 6 ratio which means l could handle 60 – 600 – 1000 ‘closer contact friends’ than l could ever hope to achieve in real life.

      Currently in WP l have what l class as roughly 60 close contacts but in real life l have 2 and 1 of those is a K9.

      In real life people have a purpose, once the purpose has been expended there is no real use carrying people over with regards friendship. That will read as harsh and it really isn’t – many on the spectrum are very similiar – it seems unemotional – it isn’t – it is logical and detached.

      5] Accent

      i still have a strongish accent or what many refer to as a soft Bostonian accent, either way, it is there because as a youngster l would play with accents – American, Australia, African, New Zealand and so on and adopted and adapted various tilts into my own voice, that way in many ways l actually have a cosmopolitan accent or a universal western accent meaning when l am with Americans l sound more American as l mimic and adopt, with Ozzies the same happens and so on. Over the years the added affliction to my accent has stayed. i have no idea in many ways what or who l should sound like now except the way l sound to others.

      6] Career?

      I very deliberately have worked many different careers and different job types so l can broaden my knowledge base and continue to learn outside of the traditional schooling system.

      Because l have always enjoyed 99% of my work, and because l always try to adopt a strong optimistic approach to negativity, as in there is ALWAYS a positive somewhere, there has never been one partciular job that has made me feel purposeful and l have served my purpose anyway. My purpose is here to serve – in whatever format that may be that is what l do. I do not mean for that to be interpreted as some kind of religious statement either because God doesn’t cut it for me personally, but l do have a strong belief system and tend to lean more towards nature. It is not to find a purpose in what you do, but for the purpose to find you, and then your job is to marry the two together to make it meaningful to you.

      7] keeping up with blogging numbers?

      Okay, well l actually have a pretty complex system in place;

      Not all of my 1600 followers are devout readers of my content, many follow me because l do certain things that makes me a good influencer, so many attach to reap benefits from my rising following, others follow because they want followers and if l am followed l automatically reciprocate by 97% in follow back. You follow me and l will follow you back out of courtesy and politeness.

      I know many people have a problem with this, l don’t l never have – something good always comes from followers, but with a background in advertising and marketing, it”s a logical move for me to follow back.

      Now, please note that so far l have only mentioned ‘followers’, l don’t particularly like the word as it sounds almost cult like, but it is a truth factor. That of the say 1600 followers l do have, 80% do not interact with me on a daily basis. Many people will like content and have not read it nor any idea what it is they are actually liking. I do not do that, l refuse point blank to blanket like anything and everything for the sake of being able to do it. I read as many blog posts as l am able to and if l like the content l will like it only once l have read it.

      Managing followers isn’t actually that hard if you start working a strategy into place of realistic values.

      This is where my number crunching comes into play. I do not specifically watch my stats, but this is NOT saying that numbers are unimportant to me, because numbers are very important to me and this blog, it’s all down to a matter of interpretation and how you read numbers to begin with.

      Now of the 20% that do interact with me on a monthly basis, of 1600 let us say just over 300, which is about right in the numbers game, of those 300 , 20% interact with me daily, weekly and monthly – that is roughly 60, whilst the actual figure is actually 67. The remaining 230 odd are my casual reading base, or my wider audience, and the 67 are my core readership.

      So if you look at it like that all we are talking about is maintaining 67 friends and hard core readers and supporters of my content. Where’s the hardship in management?

      The 67, l visit their blogs now under the new system, once a week, they are called out from my blog in the morning greetings or rather the I just Wanted to Say feature 4 times a month, or rather they will be, as we have just got through one 8 day period.- The 67 are called Interactives.

      The remaining 230 are listed into groups of fifty or so, and then they are identified as to the most favourited of the casual circle. Meaning of the 230 Favourites, the 50 or the reality figure is actually 47.

      My aim is to increase the 67 to 100 interactives for the year 2019..

      You may recall l said l don’t do statistics, well l do numbers and numbers are more important to me than the statistics. My role is to my interactive community of 67 readers who make for my closest ‘friends’ and engagers. With the new system in place l can now concentrate on more relaxed basis making sure that my content is aimed directly at those 67 but also the other 47 – 230. Gradually, by improving my content and my overall efficiency l will be hopefully able to say by December 2019, that l have 100 hard core interactive readers and 200 favourite casual readers.

      Bet you wished you hadn’t asked that question now Mel eh?

      The system l talk of is found here.https://aguycalledbloke.blog/morning-call-out/

      You can see that this is the engine to the blog, it displays blogger’s status, times around the world, when l last called out interactive bloggers and favourited bloggers the latter with the new Weekly Call out.

      So, under these guidelines, management is very easy 🙂

  3. Here’s my question. Why do you often use the lowercase “l” instead of the uppercase “I” when referring to yourself? I notice that you typically use the uppercase “I” at the beginning of a sentence, but most other times, you substitute the lowercase “l” for that pronoun. Why, Rory, why?

    1. Mm, mostly it is an keyboard error l think Fandango. I usually am typing so fast l forget to captialise my i’s and then go in and capitalise them after l have published, is that what you mean?

      1. “… and capitalise them after l have published….” The “I” in “…after l have…” is a lower case “L.” That’s what I mean. No biggie, though. We all know what you mean. I was just curious if it is intentional, and if so, why.

      1. “If not, l have no idea, l wasn’t even aware l was doing it.” In this sentence you used the pronoun “I” three times, but in each case it shows up as a lowercase “L” on my screen. The only uppercase “I” is at the beginning of the sentence in the word “If.” Again, no biggie.

        1. Which I’s am l using?
          Which I’s am l using
          L can see no difference
          I can see no difference
          Mississippi burning

          I don’t know is the answer l am using the correct letters when typing, as in an ‘i’ when an ‘i’ is required and an l L when required.

          Although l just noticed something when l was going slow, occasionally if l am wanting a capital an l l have just seen that l capitalise an i – do you think that is the issue?

            1. Is it a font thing or a grammatical err?

              I know someone once said my i’s looked like one’s but that was the font l was using.

              I have mild dyslexia, but l don’t think it is principally an err there.

              Or is that l am mixing up the pronouns? I did struggle with those at school.

        2. I will try and get an answer for you, l wasn’t aware l was doing it, but l think l see what you are referring to.

          I will try and get an answer for you, l [lower case L] wasn’t aware l [lower case L] l [lower case L] was doing it [lower case i], but l [lower case L] think [lower case i] l [lower case L] see what you are referring to [lower case i]

    1. Hey Beckie … ok your two questions:

      1] How many series do l run on the blog? 21 That are currently being run, obviously this does not include Those series that are in dormant positions due to Season 1 finishes.

      I have 8 catagory Zones that run the current 21 series, see below:

      Interview Series
      Truly Inspired series

      Call Out Series
      I Just Wanted To Say! [Morning Call out to Interactive Bloggers]
      The Weekly Blog Shout Out [ 4 Day Promotion Post to Favourited Bloggers]

      Diary Series
      Dear Blog
      4Paws Diary

      Film /Music series
      The Greats of our Time
      Theme of The Week TOTW

      Games/Puzzle/Prompt Series
      The Prompt Box
      3.2.1 Quote Me!
      Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too!
      Thought Provokers
      Guess The Bloggers
      Once Upon A Blog Crime

      Autobiography Series
      My Unfinished Father – A Life Lived to the Full

      Question Series
      QQ – Quick Questions
      Top Ten Questions
      Top 100 Questions

      Topical Posts Series
      Stories and Tales
      Topical Posts.

      I have plans to introduce another five new series in the next three months.

      Do you ever sleep, or do you have your post set on a timer?

      Yes l do sleep, 4 hours a day, and yes l also have a very active post timer routine.

      I share a lot of content,from other bloggers and reblog a lot of content of my own. Currently my own writing is lower due to the shoulder injury.

      Does this answer your two questions Beckie 🙂

      1. WOW! Wholly Smokes, that is tremendous. I knew you had a gret number of things going on, but to see it all stretched out like this is highly impressive!
        I only have my own internal timer working for me. LOL! I wish WP had a built in timer.
        Yes, you answered the questions that just “Popped” into my head.
        I’m still in shock over how much you do!!! 😛

  4. do you ever sleep? i see lots and lots of posts, so just wondered, or maybe you are inventing a robot to post on the hour for you lol

  5. You know what? Today after reading all these questions and answers and I was in awe, I was keep thinking what should I ask Rory 🤔 And now at the end of the day I’ve got it. Here is my question: are you a human? 🧐

    1. Mm, now it’s funny you should ask that of me Ribana and so to your answer 🙂

      Yes of course l am human, but with my Aspergers l sometimes come across as robotic. I have even written about my robotic ways in the past. That is me being perfectly serious as well.

      One of the biggest problems l have and it might be two pending individual reflection, and they are l don’t often know how to regulate and l am not very good at moderating.

      So if l have to do something l work at becoming excellent at what l do, not perfect because perfection is a fleeting myth, but l simply try to excel at what l do. This takes me down some very rocky paths at times in the persuit of excellence.

      With a lack of moderation it means l never know when enough is enough – a classic example is the post quantity l submit daily.

      I can do things for longer than most people is another example of robotics – l have more patience than many, am never infuriated by repetition and in fact l enjoy repetitive and routine to the point others would be driven insane.

      So yes, very much a human, just with very strong robotic inclinations 🙂

      1. The path to excellence I’m sure is not easy but what a feeling must be when you reach it 😊 I would rather say an artificial intelligence with strong human inclinations 😊

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