Little Georgie 2017

Little Georgie

Little Georgie 2017

I don’t use Facebook a great deal, but l used to a few years ago, and a feature they have is ‘Memories’, this particular one popped up a few days ago, and l thought l would simply write it up.

Last year [19th September] minding my own business whilst doing the garden, l was out back and l found a little bedraggled pile of flesh and fur on top of my compost bins and upon closer inspection, discovered that it was a little baby bird and he had fallen out of the nest above the compost.

Suze and l decided we would try and rescue him and also try and find a rescue centre that could help him survive once we handed over … this is his story.

The photograph above was taken two weeks after we got him to the vets where we take Scrappy who happens to also have an avian rescue nurse sited.

Below is the Memory from Facebook. Dated 19th September 2017

“Rescued little ‘Georgie’ yesterday from the top of my compost bin where the poor wee thing resembled a fur splat splodge. Not knowing what to do, l took ‘Georgie’ in, warmed him/her up and awarded TLC till a decision was made.

Suze and l kept the strict vigil overnight feeding every 2 or so hours like fussing parents do a poorly child. [Admittedly Suze did most of the hard graft, but l did Daddy duties perfectly!]

This afternoon some 24 hours after discovery, we took little Georgie to our local vets in Canterbury where upon we have learned /he/she will be taken down to a wild rehabber to be cared for, rebuilt and released. Fur&Feather Folkstone Kent.

Turns out Little Georgie is a Collared Dove at 3 Days old.

Conservation is still conservation, no matter how big or small, young or old the animal is. we all should do what we can to help our environment’ And both Suze and l are content that against great odds of survival Little Georgie is now over the biggest hurdle and life can only get better from here on in.

First two photos of LG literally just after discovery at 3pm, with the rest taken at 1.30pm this afternoon before the trip to the vets and after his last feed with his briefly only foster parents.









Most nerve wracking time of our lives!!

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