Dear Blog … 13.45 – 27/03/19


Today is the day!!

Yes, today is the day – the first and hopefully last time l need to address this shoulder issue – SEE – l can be positive, l can be optimistic too!

You see if l look at the pessimistic side to reality, that would be that my shoulder, my absolutely buggered acromion rejects the injective surgery the steriod repair work, because it rejected it back in September of last year and then l have to wait lord knows how many months for key hole surgery and furthermore prolong the agony of this damn pain! That’s me being negative!

But if l am positive, well then that’s altogether a different reaction – that means the steriod injective surgery will work, and then in three weeks time l can come off all these bloody tablets, l will be pain free, l will be able to start to enjoy my life again and get on with things again, that for the last 15 months since my life stopped dead, that l have missed out on. I can start to write long content again – oy you in the back row, stop moaning about long content, l happen to like it!

I very much doubt now that l am in the habit of explosive posting l will stop, but hey l might, be thank ful it’s not like l can get any worse! It’s all about moderation and sadly as l have just explained to Ribana of Popsicle Society l have very little of that.

But l must be positive!

I have mostly post dated posts today for your enjoyment, as l don’t know what time l will be back from the hospital. my operation is supposed to be at 4.30, but we learned this morning it might be 5ish. However if l don’t speak to all later today, l should be back at some point tomorrow.

Also Sadje of Keep it Alive is also at the hospital today getting her right foot seen to, so please wish her luck, now don’t be saying things like ‘go break a leg, because technically she has already done that – well a foot anyway!’

Dear Blog ……

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  1. Just saw this Rory – I guess you might be under the knife right now….or else sleeping / groggy after being either anaesthetised or sedated. I think you said you were going to be sedated. Well have a wonderful sleep tonight… I do hope this brings a great deal of relief to you <3 <3 <3

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