Dear Blog … 10.45 – 27/03/19


Let’s Not Talk About The Pain eh?

So l WAS under the impression that l would be receiving a local anaesthetic to receive the injective surgery … of course l was wrong! There was no sedation, well nothing in so far as to knock me out wise – nope, nada, zilch! Did it hurt??

Yep, yes, shit yes, fuck yes YES it fucking did! [Expletives are needed to emphasize the pain!]

It hurt like absolute buggerations of the hardest kind.

The sedation was apparently mixed in with the steroid injections!

Three of the sharpest and longest needles l have ever had, pinpricked and then dived their way into my shoulder to dump their load hopefully successfully in the affected areas.

Of the three needles, the last one was the absolute worst!!! Even the surgeon said the final one would be extremely painful – afterwards he asked did l feel it? I asked him if there were tears in my eyes and had he seen me display agony and had he heard me go ‘Jaysus that bloody hurts?’ Yes he said l saw and heard all that, am l to guess it was painful then?

No, l was just pretending it hurt, l thought l hid it rather well.

We laughed and joked, BUT we both knew the last one had really hurt!! Ha ha.

I was told that for the first ten days l would experience really bad pain, more pain than l had before experienced, and that l really had to make sure l stuck very close to my tablets every four hours! To only do what l could do arm wise and to not do anything that was painful ………. gees, hardly rocket science l thought!

The image below shows me before l went off for needle hell! One day l will learn to smile and not look like an absolute pillock!

Dear Blog ……

prat rory


11 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 10.45 – 27/03/19

  1. YOUCH! Oh, Rory, I’m so utterly sorry you had to go through that pain. Sounds just like the needles I receive in both knees for three consecutive weeks. NO FUN WHATSOEVER!!!
    Just take it easy on yourself and allow yourself to heal. Feel better my friend! 😊

  2. I have had these injections for my frozen shoulder and they do hurt. But I have only one at a time. Three must have upped the pain levels by a whooping amount. I hope this will be the end of the agony for you. Healing thoughts and prayers.

      1. Yes, much better thanks. I am happy to report that it went smoothly. The bulky bandage is gone. The anklet/ ankle support for another week. Healing well.

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