Hashtag Hash!! 2015



Hashtag Hash!! 2015

Greetings, for those of you who don’t know me, my name Mr Rory Guillible Matier

Of course my middle name is NOT that, it is something entirely different, but many a time l do firmly believe that my name SHOULD be that! This tale is a classic example of both my naivety and guillibility … sadly. But hey if you cannot laugh at your own mistakes and misfortune – who can you laugh at?

However sometimes l am SOOOOOOOOO astonished at just how dumb l can be!!

Prior to January 2017, the only social platform l actually used was Facebook and even then l didn’t use that a great deal, that was it, nothing else. I don’t have a fancy phone, l certainly don’t even now as in today writing have an Internet connected mobile, l simply have my good ol’ desktop. Back then, l was connected, but loosely!

In 2015 l started to build a new business, notably Classic Eggshell Moments, it is still around, however, it will probably be packed up sometime this year as it simply never took off. It was a series of good intentions, a relatively sound idea but a market that couldn’t support this particular niche as a concept. Nay, it’s not a cry for sympathy – it is just one of those things. It was a huge learning curve in what NOT to do as far as a business goes. Perhaps if l had thought of the idea in 2010 l may have had more of success in 2018, but l didn’t.

So there.

Autism as a subject is a big area, it is both provocative and controversial in the same breath. However my slogans on tee shirts, simply were not right for the market at the time, l still have the designs and people like them, but due to extraordinarily high mail costs, one has to be realistic and realise that most people want the product, but not the associated costs when the economy is lean.  It mattered not that my research revealed that the market would be keen, it was simply a case of some ideas just don’t work.

Also, whilst the autistic market has a good share of buyers, l think in some respects it is still a minority buying market and more so a market that doesn’t wish to promote itself as in personally. But as they say, ‘you meet one person on the spectrum, you still only have met one person on the spectrum’, and everyone has differing views on how they wish to promote the autism specific to them to the world at large.

Now what has this got to do with this tale?

Well in the summer of 2016 l started to gear up the promotional side to the business; l had 1000 Snifty pens printed up in 4 delightful scents for a touch of quirk, l had 500 stickers made up for giveaways, l had 500 cards printed and l wanted 1000 …. tags made up.

Why the hesitation with the ‘tags?’


Well that’s the story!

In November 2016 l had a discussion with a friend who suggested that l needed to get a very quirky label made up called a ‘hashtag’, it was new on the market and it was very specific to retail. Well l have to be honest and say l was quite motivated and enthused by this new tag having come from a retail background, but had never heard of this new and exciting ‘hashtag’ thing?

I researched these hashtags on the internet but could not come up with anything?! It was most astonishing, well not entirely true – my searches revealed some strange kind of noughts and crosses grid with a word beside it. I would hit the word thinking that it was going to take me to the tag, instead it just led me to more words describing the word l had hit??

I was utterly and absolutely confused. I spoke to my friend and all he would say laughing is ‘Keep searching Rory and you will find it!” After a few weeks of even more confusion, l simply rang my printer and said ‘Can you make me one of the hashtag thingy’s? I was thinking of hanging them around the sales labels. I figured l could add some funny words with them?”

“Not really, no. unless you mean you want me to design a tag that is shaped like a hashtag, is that what you want?”

“What as in a noughts and crosses retail tag? How would that work?”

“Rory, a hashtag is a tag for social media networking, you do know it’s not an actual tag – don’t you?”

Well l paused when he said that, a retail tag for social media marketing, what was that then?

“Yes of course, but can you make one?”

“No, l can suggest some if that helps?”

“But you are a printer, l thought you could make me this social media marketing tag?”

“I will send you an email Rory, read it and follow the links.”

Well l am sure you can imagine, just how stupid l felt once l truly understood what a #hashtag actually was??” I joined Twitter in January 2017, and suddenly l was surrounded by the bloody things!!” Like DUHH!

So you see, you can be really intelligent, but still be as dumb as a box of rocks!



Thanks for reading,


10 thoughts on “Hashtag Hash!! 2015

  1. I hope this comes across right… here goes…

    my daughter works for a non-profit in Boston, and deals with lots of people all day. there is one fellow who would ask my daughter about her mom (mum… I like that better) and one day she told him I live in Indiana. Now, every time she sees him, he asks her “how is your mom, Indiana?” she swears she will never tell him I live in the Boston area now. Never! The old joke just keeps on going… but he does not even realize it is a joke. Sweet man!

    What was my point? Oh! that life is changing so quickly, do any of us really know what is going on anymore… seems we are all lost somehow, but life goes on and we smile and say hello and laugh and I think in the end, Rory, you have showed us all how to lighten up and laugh at ourselves… I have told you before and will always tell you… life is but a joke on us and we really should go with the flow.

    And your box of rocks. Love them. I have a rock from every place I have ever visited and they are labeled. What seems like nothing is something extraordinary. Do not ever forget you, like all of us, bring something sweet to the world to enjoy! J

  2. Don’t feel too bad. I *still* don’t have a Facebook account. I simply refuse to be part of the drama. I do have a Twitter account and wound up getting royally reamed the first.day.I.used.it! Someone took offense at my use of “because…autism” talking about some of the stuff Ben was doing. My sarcastic mouth didn’t translate well, I guess. It got cleared up but, not being familiar with the platform, it took forever and I felt like the worst human ever.
    Social Media (except WordPress) is a shark tank. Any, tiny drop of blood and you’re the victim of a feeding frenzy!

    1. Yes that can happen very easily. A few months ago l walked away from my own Twitter account and 6000 followers. The stress and drama and the what the fuck l felt all the time wasn’t worth it.

      Now l run Scrappy’s Twitter, but purely for the Interviews. Occasionally l will say a good morning, but mostly l use it for what it was initiated for – business rather than social.

  3. Oh, wow! It’s a likely story. I could be in the same position as you regarding hashtags a couple of years ago. Difficult to keep up with these things. Something new every day!

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