QQ: Does The Ageing Process …



QQ: Does The Ageing Process … Bother You?

Admittedly, it has never worried me, it’s just the natural course of life, unless sadly you don’t have life because you are no longer here – therefore you wouldn’t be reading this anyway. But this morning , Suze was discussing this topic “How did l suddenly get this old?” She declared and when l offered my answer “We all get old darling.” I was told off for being too literal!?

People, are so baffling at times!

But when l was 30, l wanted grey hair, because l thought it might be cool, it went horribly wrong and l was suddenly platinum blond which was something that l most assuredly didn’t want! But recently l see that l am now silver fox grey, and l think it looks pretty cool. Sadly however l seem to be losing more of my frontal hair and l am only grey on the sides and the back, which is somewhat disappointing! It would have been great to see a full head of silver fox hair!

But Suze further declared that her body can no longer do what she wanted it to do, “I am going to be 60 soon!” She said. “Yes, you are darling, but you only turn 58 this year, so another two years plus before the big 6 0 appears you know?”

“You’re so literal!!” She said again  which really did further puzzle me, how can l be literal for saying the truth?

Then the real cause for her probing exclamations “What have l achieved with my life?”

Well l decided to play it careful, quite unsure if that was indeed a literal question or not? “Well?” She asked. “No witty comeback?” She continued.

I told her what she had achieved in her life and to not be so damning on herself, but to award her credit, for her to come back with, “I am just getting old, so old!”

So my questions to you this morning are:

Does The Ageing Process … Bother You?

Do you think you have accomplished anything or what?

15 thoughts on “QQ: Does The Ageing Process …

  1. One of the things I tend to do when people ask questions is to pause before answering to figure out the real nature of the question and the motive for asking it.

    If the question sounds like it’s an introspective one, like Suze’s does, then I’ll ask myself if they’re really asking a question or not, and if they’re asking it of themselves out loud and don’t really want your input, they’re using you as a sounding board, a wall with a face to talk things through with themselves. It’s out loud thinking.

    It sounds like what Suze was doing was using you to have a chat with herself and hear her thoughts spoken out loud. She’s going through a strong awareness of mortality and aging moment. It’s part of the mid-life crisis, it’s a healthy exercise, especially the part about – what have I achieved with my life? – since that kind of question is also asking – what do I want to do with my life now that I’m aware of my own mortality?

    A lot of people turn their lives around during mid-life and opt to do something which is more meaningful to them personally.

    I’m enjoying getting older. The physical aspects of it have been gentle with me thus far. I really like the mental and emotional mellowing which comes with it. I was never that attached to my youth. In many ways I feel younger now than I did when I was younger.

    As for what I’ve accomplished – I’ve managed to get to my 50’s 😉

  2. I’m 31 and I saw some white hair appearing in exact center of my black hair. And I don’t hate it and surprisingly it’s not bothering me.
    But fine lines are!! A smile line is getting visible. That’s freaking me out!

    Achievements? I think I’m lagging behind due to reasons I couldn’t control. There is so much more to do.

  3. You start aging from the day you were born. It is what it is. My only struggle is wondering whether it will be my body or my mind that will go first.

  4. I worked and was retired. At last no more work and a state pension, but the state pension, in our country (Switzerland) pays the doctor’s bills and the various apparatus you might need and helps to secure a comfortable life. And then the various complaints begin. I am now 72 years old and about 5 years ago it was discovered that my slower tempo was not the years but MS and so I learned to live with it. My husband will be 80 this year and no longer can walk so well due to an inoperable back problem.
    10 years ago life was different, we even went places and a journey by car was no problem. Now I am the only driver in the family, Mr. Swiss (the name I give my other half here) is no longer able to drive. I drive an automatic which I like, and which I have to because I cannot use my left leg for gear changing.
    My day now begins with general cleaning of the home, which is OK. What else does a golden oldie do? Mr. Swiss helps where he can but life is different. I go to the store on my own with the car for food shopping and other goods. No, it is not what we imagined when you grow older. Luckily my son, who will be 50 next year, still lives with us. He is autistic but works as a metal worker in a factory near by in the morning, and helps with various shopping for us in the afternoon: picking up medicine at the doctors, helping me at the garbage depot for getting rid of the old metal and glass etc. Just the daily chores that are for most people normal, but for us can be a problem. We are still independent, can still life our own lives in our home. I am still mobile, have an electric wheelchair for journeys into town and have my little hobbies: photography and blogging. My advice: there is no solution, so take life as it comes and keep going, do not give up. There is no super solution. Sorry to go on for so long.

  5. It bothers me that my memory isn’t as sharp and my body suffers from all sorts of ailments from tinnitus to chronic back pain. But I don’t care about the grey hair and other vanity stuff.

    1. Yes l don’t worry about the grey hair either, Suze does, she is a little bit vain on that level, always has her hair highlighted or lowlighted – one of the two.

      The only thing that is currently knocking my memory is the sheer volume of tablets and the way my concentration loses track on occasion 🙂

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