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Feline Katz Interviews

Feline Katz Questionnaire

A] Personal Details

Your Names?

“My name is Meisha and Ji is my younger brother.”

Your 2 Leggeds Names?

“Our senior 2 legged is Kat (hehe she wishes), and our younger 2 legged is Jessie. I normally refer to them as my humans, but I like your term. Funny creatures they are with 2 legs!”

Are you a specific feline breed or just your ordinary Moggie?

“We’re both moggies although I’m extraordinary in every way, shape and form! I’m a tortoiseshell and Ji is a tuxedo cat.”

How old Are You?

“I’m 7 and Ji is 6. I looked after Ji when he was a baby and used to clean him and make sure he was okay.”

Do you run your household? If yes ….. how?

“I wouldn’t say we run our household, although we’re not one’s for rules made by our 2 leggeds, and tend to do as we please. My 2 leggeds, along with Ji, do know however that everything in the home belongs to me.”


“All mine, mine, mine, mine.”

Do you live in the house, or outside or ‘Meh’ “I live where l want!”

“We’re both indoor cats because we live in a high rise unit block. We used to be allowed out on the balcony but Kat stopped that as I kept digging up her veggies and going to the toilet in the pot plants. I’m not happy about this at all and I like to yell at my 2 leggeds for being so selfish and self-centred, even if they’re not in the room.”

Where abouts in the world do you live?


“We live in Sydney, NSW, Australia.”

B] Exercise/Play Time/Adventuring

Are you an outdoorsy type of Kat, or exclusively indoor comfortable?

“Even though I’ve lived here since I was a baby, I’m more of an outdoor cat Kat says. I like to dig, stalk and hunt. I love to check out the foyer on our level and suss out all the smells out there. Ji’s a scaredy cat and doesn’t go out. He’s happy smooching indoors.”

What type of exercise to take part in?

“Sleeping is my favourite exercise and I pride myself in the faultless job I’ve done in teaching Ji how to excel in this field too.”

“I do like to exercise my vocal chords as well. I think it’s important because I need to be able yell when needed; to announce when I’m about to go to the toilet; and also be able to keep my 2 leggeds informed as to the ever decreasing number of biscuits in our bowls!”

When out and about are you an intrepid explorer and love to go walkabout or do you prefer to stay within your home territory?

“We’re strictly indoor katz. No going walkabout for us.”

Do your 2 leggeds play with you?

“Yes they do, particularly Jessie, and we love it. We’ve got a laser light and I love trying to catch the dot on the floor when it’s moving quickly. Ji’s a bit slow and prefers to chase the dot. We have another mouse on a stick that we love to jump high to catch.”

Do you do any ‘typical’ Katty things that you enjoy, but maybe your 2 leggeds don’t?

“Oh many! To list a few:

  • Digging in pot plants (my senior human even took away the indoor plants, blaming me no less.)
  • Scratch the arms of the lounge.
  • Scratch on the rug
  • Racing around the unit with Ji. One goes low, the other goes high, over all the furniture. My senior 2 legged isn’t fond of that game.
  • Playing the above game when she’s asleep in bed, and using her as the springboard to do a 180 and race back the other way. We come racing in from the hall and up on the bed. The one who gets all four paws to make body contact as we spring back off Kat to get outta there to the best hiding place, wins. She’s really not fond of that game, especially after a few laps.

Not that this is something that I actually enjoy, but it is something that baffles me about my 2 leggeds…why is it when we’re throwing up they want us to do it on the hard tiles instead of the soft, comfortable carpet??!! We never comply and run back to the carpet, but they are persistent devils!!”

Have your 2 leggeds ever embarrassed you? If so how?

“Often! They’re not cats, so it’s inevitable. My stare never leaves them in any doubt about how I feel!”

Do you have favourite toys and if so what are they?

My favourite toy is this one below. It’s so much fun pushing and chasing the ball around the track. I spin, twist and roll and my 2 leggeds think it’s hilarious. Ji’s favourite toy is the mouse on the stick because he’s quite agile and can jump really high.”


Are you allowed to freely scratch inside the house?

“No, but we do have a scratching post that we’re supposed to use…..”

Do your 2 leggeds take you away on holidays with them or do you have to stay with friends or within a ‘Cattery?’

“We get to stay at home when our 2 leggeds go away and Eva comes and feeds us and cleans the kitty litter. I’ll come out and say hello but Ji hides away when she comes when our humans are away. He’ll say hello to her when they’re home, it’s weird. But that’s Ji!”

C] Eating/Food/Treats

Are you given treats? Too few or just right? What are your favourites?

“We do have treats but not very often. We get them after having our claws cut, and Jessie sometimes gives us treats when she plays with us. I don’t think we get enough treats, I definitely think we deserve more. Our favourite treats are little biscuits that are turkey flavoured with a soft centre.”

Are you fed a nutritional diet? What type of diet is it?

“Our food is very nutritious. It’s just dry food but it’s very good quality. Kat gets ones for our teeth and for furballs and mixes them together.”

Do you enjoy it or is it boring?

“We enjoy it.”

Do you eat it every day, or sometimes refuse to?

“We eat it every day, we love our food.”

D] Your Personal Feline Katz Stuff

Are you a vocal Kat or quiet and unamused?

“We’re both quite vocal but Ji is very sweet and soft, whereas I’m loud and my humans often tell me to stop yelling.”

Do you deliberately play up at times, just to annoy or worry the 2 leggeds?

“We do enjoy running over Kat when she’s sleeping. Her reaction’s hilarious!”

Do you have a bed of your own or simply share everyone’s?

“I have several beds of my own, one of which I allow Ji and my senior 2 legged to share with me. Ji has his spot on the lounge, or someone’s lap when available. He’s smart enough not to sleep in my beds out there – and he’s scared of the beanbag so stays out of that. The beanbag is my favourite winter daybed as it’s so cosy and warm.”

Are you an early riser, or a late napper? Are you in early of an evening or a dirty stop-out?

“Late nappers for sure. Our early morning skitz around the house is very tiring!”


How much alone time or ‘just you’ time do you have?

“All that we need. We’re very good at prioritising ourselves over others!”

Are you into the whole affection thing at all, or is it on your terms only?

“For me it’s usually on my terms only, except if one of my humans is unwell or upset and needs looking after. Ji is affectionate all the time!! He dribbles when he’s happy and you can hear him purring in the next room. He loves his human cuddles!”


Do you like being hugged, belly tickled and so on?

“Touch my belly and I’ll rip yer arm off and slap you ‘round the head with it!! And I can slowly twist my way out of any hug! I do love a scratch around the ears and neck though, and I show affection by head butting – forehead to forehead. I LOVE being brushed as well.”

“Ji’s loves being hugged, tummy tickled, having his paws and in between his toes massaged. He loves to lie between both our 2 leggeds on the lounge so they can both pat him!! He’s shameless!!”

Do your 2 leggeds make you dress up?

“I’d like to see them try and dress me up!! Jessie got Ji when he was younger though…….”


Do you actually enjoy it or simply tolerate it because it appears to please them?

“Way too humiliating to be tolerated, I’d never recover! Ji tolerated it, but is glad he grew out of the dolls clothes!”

Do you tolerate photos or do you like posing for them?

“I do tolerate photos but will admit that I if I see my 2 leggeds reaching for their phones I’ll stop what I was doing or make them work hard for a good shot! Ji love’s having his photo taken – any attention is okay with him.”

Do you have a friendly vet?

“We do, but still I’m thankful we haven’t had to go in since were younger.”

Do your 2 leggeds talk to you in meow and does it really make any sense?

“Yes they do, they’re actually pretty fluent in meow! Ji’s a bit of a chatterbox so he’s always up for a long conversation.”

Do you share the household with other companions, perhaps a K9 or ‘’other’’ species? If so what are the others, or indeed the K9’s name?

“No, we’re the only other immediate family in the household.”

Do your 2 leggeds insist on bathing you or do you simply say NO?

“We keep ourselves very clean so we don’t need bathing. When Ji was little he used to get in the shower with Kat or Jessie, but he hasn’t done that for a while. I like sitting in the shower recess after they’ve showered, and contemplating life.”


“Life? What’s it all about?”

What would be your purrfect day?

“My purrfect day would consist of sleeping in the sun, hunting insects and leaves on the verandah, being brushed and having Kat with me, whilst  Ji’s purrfect day would be made up of sleeping on Kat or Jessie and being doted on all day by them. To top it off he’d be in heaven with some warm milk – it’s been over 5 years but he still gets hopeful every time the bell on the microwave goes off!”

Finally, in your own words tell us something about both you and your 2 leggeds that the questions haven’t touched on or asked about – something unique …

“This isn’t really unique, but we feel pretty lucky to have our humans, we love them so much and they love us back just as much. Wherever Kat is, I’m in the same room. However if we get the chance, we love visiting Jessie in her room and exploring in there for a little while (she normally has her door shut). We both have our quirks but Ji has the most. He is long and lanky so often sits with his legs stretched out or like this…”


Maybe you have a Blog like me, or run your own website, or … even social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram?

“No, we don’t have time for any of that. There are not enough hours in the day for sleeping, then we have to fit in eating, drinking, toileting and haring around the house at least twice a day. Kat does feature us on her Instagram account though (@familyfurore).”

Check out Kat’s Blog ... Kat of Family Furore


Scrappy’s Thanks

My special thanks to Meisha and Ji, Kat and Jessie for taking the time out to allow this interview to be held and allowing us a small window into their daily lives.

I would say Meisha, that despite ‘not’ running the household that you do in fact have a pretty firm grip of things though and have your work cut out for you keeping not just Ji in your paws but also your 2 leggeds.

Thank you once again for completing our questionnaire.

If you are interested in purrticipaing please email me at doodlepip03@gmail.com and l will email you back with the questionnaire.

Thank you so much!

Scrappy Doodlepip and the Just Bloke Guy Aka Dad!

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