What To Wear For Spring 2019: Earth Tones

Hello Spring 2019 – another great post from Lady D of 3c Style!

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    1. Some call it vegan, others call it faux or artificial and even synthetic – but basically items that can be produced from a host of other materials – cork, bark, wood pulp,, polyvinyl.

      There are problems with an artificial leather of course in comparison to non – real leather products and that is durability, it’s wear and tear and lasting properties are not as strong as real leather. Also real leather is a qualitable item, whereas false is not.

      But they are working on ways all the time to create a better form of ‘vegan’ leather from more eco friendly materials and not so much the chemically induced qualities which are really quite awful.

  1. Firstly, I want to thank you Rory for always supporting me. You are right, vegan leather -aka synthetic leather made from non-animal products have been made historically of PVC and made a poor substitute for the real thing. But as you say newer vegan leathers have become much better… Some are even made from scraps from the fruit industry. So better means for everyone – animals, people and the environment.  The designer Stella McCartney has proved it is possible to create beautiful, luxurious vegan products.

    1. There is a lot of really creative and imaginative and resourceful work underway now, that wasn’t hear as little as five years ago, l am rather partial to seeing what they do with wood mulch with regards fashion, lots and lots of projects with designers now 🙂

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