QQ: Of The Following …



QQ: Of The Following,

What are you most likely to interact with?

Dog/Cat Toys?

Dog Harnesses -Walking and or Car?

Decorative Chimes?

Fashion Wear?

Multicoloured Clothing?

Organic and or Environment Products?

Carved Wood?

Wooden Furniture?

Wall Masks?

Caps and or Hats?

Alternative Products?



Coloured Shirts?

Funky Trousers?

Funky Yoga Pants?

Funky Footwear?

Bamboo Products?

Of the above, how often are you likely to interact with them and in what capacity?


18 thoughts on “QQ: Of The Following …

  1. Of all of these things, socks are #1 for me. I like to wear them in bed, while getting it on, on the hottest day of summer, etc. However, even I’m not so far gone on socks that I do the socks+sandals combination. Although I must say that whoever come up with the flip-flop/thong sock was quite brilliant.

    1. Ha ha – forgive me Ashley – but just a snippet here …. “I like to wear them in bed whilst getting it on”, So you put your socks on whilst getting into bed, have l read that right?

      1. There was an ever so important comma in there – the socks are on during the day, stay on while sleeping, and also stayed on way back in the day when I was actually getting laid.

  2. Dog/Cat Toys? We have both a dog and a cat, so daily.

    Dog Harnesses -Walking and or Car? Our dog wears a harness when we walk her, so daily.

    Decorative Chimes? Huh?

    Fashion Wear? If jeans and casual shirts are “fashion wear,” then daily.

    Multicoloured Clothing? Do plaid casual shirts count? Then several times a week.

    Organic and or Environment Products? My wife’s favorite place for groceries is Whole Foods Market.

    Carved Wood? Our dining room table is carved wood.

    Wooden Furniture? See above.

    Wall Masks? Nope.

    Caps and or Hats? I always where as baseball cap when I’m outside, so daily.

    Alternative Products? Such as?

    Wellingtons? What are Wellingtons?

    Socks? Daily.

    Coloured Shirts? Daily

    Funky Trousers? Unless jeans are funky, never.

    Funky Yoga Pants? Never.

    Funky Footwear? Nope.

    Bamboo Products? Nope.

    1. Marvelous stuff Fandango, many many thanks 🙂

      The alternative products answer is easy if you use alternative products in which case you would know what they were, but you have answered correctly as is, because you don’t use them, therefore because you don’t know what they are 🙂

        1. Alternative products are subs or replacements for something else for instance – you might eat gluten free products, or soya based products, you might not wear leather but wear fake, Like how some people only drink Coca cola and others drink Pepsi.

          Basically alternative good shoppers tend to always buy goods that can be replaced with another sometimes cheaper option – brand vrs unbranded.

          Although some look at alternatives as being not travelling the usual path of some things – like traditional and conventional medicine in favour of sometimes considered unorthadox methods.

          That’s what l class as alternative products. America of course may have adifferent term?

  3. Of the list, I interact with cat toys the most, because I play with Cricket every day.
    You might say for organic that I take a lot of photos of flowers.
    The rest, hardly ever. 🙂

  4. Colorful shirts, wooden furniture, multi color clothing. That’s about it. I like fashionable shoes but my feet don’t so it’s functional footwear for me, specially these days.

  5. Organic and or Environment Products? – yes definitely cleaning products and I have some organic cosmetics and toiletries (I rarely wear make-up, but I do have some for nights I want to doll myself up)

    Caps and or Hats? – yes since my head injuries I have been into hats – I feel more comfortable wearing a hat when I am outdoors

    Wellingtons? – yes, essential for walks in the nearby woods

    Socks? – yes most days – I have these little ones I wear in my trainers for work/jogging or thicker socks I wear within my walking boots

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