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If l have blocked a Blog, and l am NOT following the blog, how am l still getting plagued by the blogs notifications? Is it because they follow me? I don’t know if they do or they don’t, but at last count, they had all but 2 followres, and l know l wasn’t one of them?

It’s been over a week since l blocked them, but l still receive roughly 30 notifications from them in a 24 hour period – always about the same damn thing! Their book!

I never followed them originally, so l don’t even know why l am getting all this automatic junk?

Is there something l can do to prevent this, can l report them?

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    1. Doesn’t a blocking to that? I am getting confused Sadje, because l don’t actually follow them, not sure what to do if they are following me. I have blocked the two sites l know of.

      1. Are you getting the notifications through WordPress or email. If it’s email then block the sender. If it is WordPress then I am not sure. It might be a spam issue.

        1. It’s coming through Email, so l will try blocking him through that method, it’s just doing my head in, always the same email in various languages about basically his two books.

              1. That’s true. But there is so much spamming nowadays, internet hacking and other forms of abusive online behavior that one should take things in one’s stride and take appropriate measures immediately.

  1. I wish I knew the answer to this. I had the same priblem. Can we stop someone actually reading our Blogs too? I don’t know

    1. Well we can do that Lorraine, by blocking them. But this blog isn’t reading my blog, l am just confused how l am getting notifications from their blog if l am not following them or having any interaction with them, the only thing l can think of, is that they are following me on a blog l don’t know about.

  2. What form do the notifications take? Are they leaving comments on your blog? If you go under My sites -> Settings -> Discussion and then scroll down to the bottom where it says comment blacklist you can enter the person’s username, and then any comments they leave on your site will go straight to the trash folder.

    1. No, it’s emails Ashley – l suppose l could block them in my Google mail box, l need to look at that again, that may be the answer thinking on it. If they were left on my blog, l could simply eradicate them, but l am just confused why l am getting notifcation emails from them in the first place.

      I know last time l raised this Issue, Teresa said because l had followed them at one point, and l honestly don’t ever remember doing that, as it is not something l would specifically follow.

      1. Blocking in your inbox sounds like a good way to deal with it. They may have harvested your email address off your website – I notice you’ve got your email addresses listed on your contact page.

  3. Even if you blocked them, and they’re still on your ‘reader’ list, check the settings and turn off the notifications. You can try having one of the happiness engineers help you, but I suspect nobody is very happy with that…

  4. I am not sure I have a definitive answer to this one. I had a blogger sending me very strange messages – very very strange…and they were getting longer and longer and stranger and stranger. They seem to have lost interest in commenting because I just ignored their comments. There were just no words, no possible words to send a reply to the messages they were sending me!

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