Random Quotes 267#



“Now, l did not have cheese last night so that’s not it?

A night filled with the most strangest dreams possible!

Like how I met a genie who came out of a bottle of shampoo, he granted me one wish, not the usual 3, and  asked how l would use it? He said l could wish for anything, just nothing creepy like world peace, because in all honesty it was never going to happen, not  whilst mankind was occupying it!

I know! How creepy is that?

Only one wish!!”

Rory Matier


“Genie: Okay, fine. So what are your three wishes?

Marco: Only three? In the stories I heard, the genies granted unlimited wishes.

Genie: Ah, not again. Well, let me clarify this for you. I only provide the “Limited to three wishes” plan, also called the “Classic package”. There were certain gold and platinum plans offered in the past, which granted infinite wishes and where the genie practically stayed with the lamp-finder all their life. But those plans were discontinued around 2,300 years back.”
Varun Sayal, Time Crawlers


“Some men may be unready
for the coming of the genie
who grants three wishes.”

Toba Beta

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  1. I think any wish granted by a genie would not vary the satisfaction that get there on your own would.

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