Oh No Way, Oh So Way


Last Game of Season 1

Oh No Way, Oh So Way!

All you need do to the questions below are answer Oh No Way for ‘No, l have never’ or Oh So Way for Yes, l have!’  Therefore your answers to the questions below can only swing two ways ‘yes or no’ or Oh So Way or Oh No Way’.

You need only answer in the comments section below or It’s up to you if you go further or treat this as a prompt for a post .. . if however you choose to answer in the comments section – then here are the questions ..

Sort of Okayish Questions with a bit of sweet, savoury and spice!

Eaten food off of someone’s naked body

Fooled around in the stockroom while on the job.

Peed in someone else’s wardrobe.

Spied on my neighbours.

Been seasick.

Sprayed graffiti on something.

Gotten bitten, scratched, scraped or developed a rash after having sex/during sex in the great outdoors

Had a hangover that was so chronically bad that you wanted to curl up and disappear from the planet.

Fooled around or played hanky panky on the beach.

Locked keys in the car.

Played strip poker.

Hidden cigarettes, cigars or weed, so my parents wouldn’t know I was smoking.

Fooling around in a car and accidently honked the horn.

Eaten really odd, strange, weird or zany crazy foods.

Played spin the bottle.

Dyed my hair and it went horribly and disastrously wrong.

Ridden on a strange animal, cow, buffalo, camel, elephant, rocking horse.

Grabbed an electric fence by mistake.

Had nude photos taken.

Been electrocuted by wiring.

Had food poisoning..

Attended a swingers party or other such like ‘erotic’ exotic venue.

Kicked out of a library for being too loud.

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