Dear Blog … 19.55 – 22/03/19


Newly Featuring,

Every week, l try and think up new content ideas to put into my blog. I am always working on new game ideas, content posts, puzzles and prompts as well as thinking always about the new competition l want to launch and when the best time that is.

Some times, some features flop horribly, they simply don’t take off, or the idea wasn’t right for the time … it matters not it’s always great experience and part and parcel of the path way towards continuing to blog, to keep on writing to keep on inventing and using the grey imagination cells to ‘create’ something different, that may appeal to my readership.

Now l have a lot of new features that are to be released at various times during 2019, that sit in the wings, readying themselves to pounce out at the drop of a switch, and most of the time l give no warning shots across the bow, that’s the element of surprise. Other times like currently l will run some promoposts to see what attention an idea might be awarded and then there are the times of questions or the new QQ series.

I never ask anything from my readers just for the sake of it, everything is connected to something else, a concept or a content piece that needs more input to see if it might prove viable or even like how l am asking for my readers to tell me about their blog in 12 words – because this is to be part of a new feature for the blog, so the more that can tackle that question, the better it is [hint, hint] 🙂

But one of the other new features l am planning on introducing is a 15 Minute Minimum – 20 minute maximum Podcast Interview Feature sometime in April or May of  this year. I have asked Poddy of Bottomlesscoffee007 and he was very helpful explaining to me what l would need to set up and establish such a project.

But l enjoyed the podcast time Poddy and l spent together but believe that l can also offer something along those lines to my own readership. It will be very different in focus to what Poddy offers his own readers so it will not conflict with his feature, as it will be more of a blogging attraction concept itself.

However the question l have for my own readership is this … would you be interested in a 15-20 minute interview slot sometime this year?

Let me know below, thanks.

Dear Blog ……

8 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 19.55 – 22/03/19

  1. I think it would be great Rory – it was obvious how keen you were on podcasts when you started doing them with Poddy/Coffee.

    I don’t think I have the technology to participate in a podcast. It sounded as if you needed to have Facebook to take part – which I don’t have and am not planning to get involved in Facebook for at least a million years or so….if ever at all.

  2. It’s fabulous your blog and podcasting has really taken off Rory! A tribute to your efforts and imagination in coming up with interactive posts 😊

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