Top Ten Questions Asks … What Do You Think …?



Top Ten Questions Asks … What Do You Think …?

Are the Ten Items Most Tourists Need The Most When On Holiday?

Drop me your answers below in the comments section.

Thanks – Rory

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Questions Asks … What Do You Think …?

  1. All depends where you’re going. As a delicate westerner going to more adventurous locale, the top 3 would be toilet paper, antibiotics, and anti-diarrhea medicine, and numbers 4 through 10 would be more of the above! Granted I might be a bit biased after a gut-astrophic trip to India a few years ago…

    1. You hide that biasness well Ashley, almost as well as Suze does of a trip to Mexico many years ago when there with her husband and he ignored her warning of drinking the local water, and him trying be smart had a Smoothie!! Wasn’t so smoothie for him!!

  2. the things I needed the most on my last overseas trips were (in no particular order): my daily medications and the original script from the doc for each of them, Toilet paper/wipes, camera, rain jacket that folded into a tiny plastic container (ya never know), maps, journal and pen to keep notes, traveler’s checks and extra cash in the country’s coin, a small handheld translation device, extra pair of socks.

  3. The need for my ten things depends on where someone might go as a ‘tourist’. It’s not always to a city that a tourist might come. I live in an area where camping is one of the larger tourist attractions due to the numerous national parks and canyons that Utah boasts.

    1. Passport (depending on your country of origin. ID is always handy)
    2. Translation app on your phone or an old-fashioned book with the language of the country you might be visiting in it. One needs to be able to find the bathroom after all!!
    3. Speaking of bathrooms – Toilet Paper. Recycled paper of course, and easily biodegradable. I don’t know what they use in those outhouses that come with camping sites, but I bet the paper needs to biodegrade. Ew.
    4. Bug spray (mosquitoes like to eat people’s blood, and there are other bugs in the woods. And spiders. Some good spray is mandatory)
    5. A really sturdy tent or some sturdy canvas.
    6. An airbed. Self inflatable of course. I ain’t sleeping on the damned ground I know. Although sleeping on an airbed isn’t a picnic and trying to get OFF the %$@# thing to go pee in the middle of the night (with my bug spray of course) is something to see. People laugh. I don’t think it’s funny.
    7. Sleeping bag. That mountain air? Gets COLD even in mid-summer.
    8. Bear repellent. There ARE really for real bears in those mountains, along with mountain lions (cougars…the four footed kind, not some skank in a short skirt with her pooty showing) and skunks and badgers…it is still the wilderness and they were here first after all.
    9. GPS. Although I’m not sure it works that well in certain remote spots in the mountains and canyon lands.
    10. Good hiking or walking shoes. Sturdy ones. Even if you’re only taking a walking tour of downtown “historic” Salt Lake City, you want good coverage for your tootsies.

  4. 1. Passport
    2. Cash (converted to local currency)
    3. Credit card
    4. Toiletries and shaving gear
    5. Aspirin, Advil, or Tylenol
    6. Anti-diarrhea medicine
    7. Camera and/or smartphone with a camera.
    8. Climate-appropriate clothing
    9. Comfortable shoes
    10. Google Maps on your smartphone.

    1. Oh dear! I forgot the Imodium…a necessity indeed!! Especially if one is eating “natural” foods…that whole nut & berries diet can cause excessive… well. You’re a smart fella, Fandango!!

  5. In an extensive collection of toiletries and pharmaceuticals I note that nobody has mentioned condoms. And that is because, I suppose, everyone plans to behave. Good for them. The problem is though, that it is the unplanned events that are most likely to bring you unstuck.
    And it goes without saying that it is the unplanned events that are frequently the most fun, of course.

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