The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom – Truly Inspired #31


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1] Blog Name:

The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom

2] Genre/Blog Style:

Eclectic-I write about everything. I love writing Poetry. I write about my son, depression, my cats, sometimes I post pictures.

3] Blog Age:

1 year and 5 months

3] At what age did you start to write and what was your motivation for doing so?

6 years old is the first story that I remember hearing about me writing. I love words. To be honest I have just always written.

4] Does writing/creativity come naturally to you or do you struggle to invent something inspirational each day/week/month?

For the most part I find that writing comes very naturally to me. I do admit though when I find that I have nothing to say or nothing inspired me I will steal from work that I have saved up. Poetry.

5] How prolific are you in your craft?

Very. I write daily and post daily.

6] Are your writings displayed elsewhere or just WordPress? If so where?

Just on WordPress

7] Do you ever suffer from writers/creators block? How do you combat it?

I had writer’s block several times in my life. From the age of 18-22. From 23-44. I wrote some poetry and short stories during this time period but nothing like now. Now, I surround myself with other creative people and I find that that helps.

8] What is your preferred creative form? [writing/photography/poetry/artistry/illustration/design]:

Writing and poetry are my preferred creative form. Although occasionally I will also share my photography.

9] How do you arrive at your decision to write/create/invent about what you have chosen as a subject for the piece/s?

Sometimes I just get a line and create from that. Other times I have an image in my head as to what I want to create and than I mull over it. And mull and mull. And than I sit down and set it free.

10] Do you need an ambience to work with, such as music, quiet, scented candles, yoga, exercise, reading, film or something else?

Most times I am sitting on the couch while my son plays Fortnite or watches Youtube. When I am alone, music.

11] What helps you to create your content? [people/conversation/family/health/magazines/newspapers/controversy/funny moments/life experiences]

Anything. I do not go looking for it. Sometimes it will come out of conversation other times it is based on myself and what is happening around me.

12] Is your content driven by your journey or your story, or by the journeys and stories of others?

It is driven by my story. I write about myself a lot, and my son. My poetry though, while a lot of it stems from my personal experiences lately I have been finding that outside influences such as politics, fantasy, love, death are prominent.

13] Are there any specific things which enable your creative juices to flow more steadily? [overtired/insomnia/mental health/eating/drinking/smoking/surrounded by colour/abstract thoughts and thinking]

Coffee and my friends.

14] How long from start to finish would/can your content take you to complete?

When I am doing the first draft of a poem, most times I sit down and spew it out. Five to ten minutes. Than I agonize. Reread. Tweak. Agonize some more. Reread. Tweak. I do this about 100x so add on another 45 minutes to an hour.

15] Are you pleased with your finished pieces? How do you feel when you receive acknowledgement from another?

Yes, I find that the more I work with them after the original idea is written, I will not post unless I am 100% satisfied. When I receive acknowledgement I am glad that I was able to touch someone, that my words made sense to them. I spend a very long time thinking that no one would ever want to read my words, the fact that there are those who do still floor me.

Finally, what advice would you award writers or creators looking to express themselves and to then display their works to the world?

Don’t be afraid to write. Write first for yourself always. My bff gave me the best advice when I began to write. She said “Jay write what you know. Write what makes you feel good. People who will like your writing will find you. They will be drawn to you.” Do not write for an entire audience, but for one person. Again my bff, she has first read on everything that I write. So she is my audience. If I can make her laugh, cry, smile, frown or think with my writing that I know that others will enjoy it as well. And if you are passionate do not ever allow anyone to cause you doubt or stopper up the well of imagination. I did and it was painful. 


My thanks to Jay – lyn for taking the time to participate in the Truly Inspired series and sharing her thoughts with regards her motivation and inspiration to her blog, her writing and more importantly what makes her blog actually tick.

I love eclectic writers, don’t get me wrong, l love all writers of the word, but with eclectism [which is just a lovely word by itself, it rolls off your tongue] i adore the diversity and entertainment they can offer their readerships.

Once more we see that just the simplest of advice is true to form when it is with reference to writing … “Jay write what you know. Write what makes you feel good. People who will like your writing will find you. They will be drawn to you.”

My sincere thanks once again to Jay – lyn, of  The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom

Every single one of us has something to say to the next person. We each are motivated and enthused by different things … we all walk a journey, we all have a story to tell the wolrd … so what inspires you to write yours?

Please drop me an email at ….

…. and l will gladly write you up and share who you are.

It is simple – email me at the above Addy or drop me a line in my contact box and l will email you the questionnaire. Fill it in, send it back , and include images that you feel may support what you write, or about your blog, and l will write it up as a post and insert it into this series here.

Come on, you know you want to!

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  1. Thank you so much. Again (I promise last time I will say this) I am very touched and honored that you allowed me to participate in your Truly Inspired series. I will reblog as well he he he and FB for my non-following friends.

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