I Just Wanted To Say!



I Just Wanted To Say …….

Good Morning, Good afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night Folks!


Quote of the Morning

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Steve Jobs

Motivation Ping


Music to Start Your Day!!!

Remember These?

Stepping back to the 80’s – 1987, 1988 and 1989!

The My Community Call Out

Check out some of my Favourite Blogs!

The blogs below are some of my WP friends …. they are great writers in their own rights, they are superb creators and have brilliant imaginations, they are awesome in their approach to engagement and interaction, they inspire, motivate and enthuse and they are wonderful influencers. The blogs below are all community orientated, they are fun and approachable, they are supportive and just great all rounders. But above everything, they are my friends and they are my tribe, they are my community.

WordPress is all about community, about friendship and about being there for each other.

Check them out, you’ll not leave disappointed.

Em of Earthly Brain

Betty of Guidelines Web

Laundry and Dishes

Ruth of Don’t Eat It Soap

Penny Wilson of Penny Wilson Writes

Lorraine of Blind Wilderness

Patti Moore Wilson of Wednesday’s Child

JP the Wide-eyed Wanderer

Pirate Day Border A Guy Called Bloke Gray Background with Red Border

Pirates Day Challenge Quiz

Remember your answers and write them down! –  Remember all you see here in the panel and jot it down.


Drawstring Bag

Question 7

In what year was the pirate, Jose Gaspar, supposedly born?

Extra Points Question

Which Welshman became notorious as a pirate leader after conquering and looting the Spanish Panamanian strongholds of Portobello and Santiago Castle?


14 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Say!

  1. Thank you, Rory! It is so good of you to share our links! We are connecting with so many wonderful new friends through you. 😊 I hope your treatment next week is even more successful than you’ve imagined it could be! I continue to think of you as already healed – always with Love, wishing you well. 💞

    1. Hey Betty many thanks, with your support and the support of my friends here in WP it truly makes it more comforting – so my thanks to you always 🙂

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