Weekly Song Challenge – Round 4 – 03/11/19



Weekly Song Challenge – Round 4 – 03/11/19

Kristian, from Tales from the Mind of Kristian tagged me with this challenge, and l shall give it my best shot.

Cheers Kristian

It was created by Laura Venturini


The challenge is to post three song videos:

A song by a band you think is underrated.

A Song that gets on your nerves.

A song by a Solo Artist who’s first name begins with a K.

Tag two people to participate!


A song that l feel is hugely underrated would be High Hopes by Pink Floyd, it’s a truly beautiful song that you hardly hear about – but and yet of course music is reflective upon the listener. If someone doesn’t like Pink Floyd, then the fact they know nothing of this song will mean Jack Squat to them. Music is specifically reflective upon personal taste and commercial playlists of acceptability and trending and appreciation.

On My Nerves!!

There have been many songs over the years that have quite literally annoyed the tits off me, but none more so than this one!!


There are many, but one of my favourites has always been Kate Bush, and l simply couldn’t help myself!! I am just going to have to write her up as today’s TOTW!

For my two tags l choose the following bloggers who love music!

Paula of Light Motifs II

Li of Tao Talk

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