Expert Insight: Losing Weight Naturally

Another totally cracking post from Julie – an absolute must read.

13 thoughts on “Expert Insight: Losing Weight Naturally

  1. Just read it, very good. Coincidentally, Taylor Swift was in one of my newsfeeds today saying she’s finally happy and doesn’t care that she weighs more than she used to. There was a photo of her from 2004 where she was so thin she looked ill. Then there was a new photo where she looked fabulous.

    1. Hey Paula, yes it is a really good read, once more people accept themselves for who they are and are happy with it, they will become much happier. Yes, l remember seeing TS in 2004, she was painfully thin. I like TS, think l will make tomorrow’s TOTW on her 🙂

  2. At the risk of placing myself on the outer (and open for attack) I do think that we may be deluding ourselves if we completely disregard the notion that what we look like is important. We are all programmed to experience attraction, at some level, to others entirely based upon their appearance. Likewise we would like to be attractive to others, as much as possible, upon that first glance. We can’t help it.

    There is no doubt that the desire for physical beauty has been greatly manipulated over the years and has resulted, paradoxically, in a very poor understanding of what it actually means.

    But let’s be honest. We all want to look good and to look sexy. But it’s a bit counterproductive fucking the rest of your life up by making that your entire focus.

    1. Hey Brutus, l can see no reason for you to be attacked, for voicing what is actually quite a valid point. I think what this is focusing mostly on is – if you can accept that you are comfortable with yourself first and foremost, instead of hyper focusing on the stereotypes of what society deems as ‘acceptable’ then you can start to look at yourself differently.

      Everyone is completely different to the next person anway, but the biggest problem is that people are led to believe that being themselves first is wrong, so if you want to make improvements to your health then ideally you need to be in a better place first.

      I do agree that most people want to look good and feel sexy, but isn’t it more important to want that for yourself anyway and hang the rest of the world?

      To feel good about yourself is pretty damn sexy. It’s a bit like Saania’s post earlier about the power of the smile – a smile can make someone look confident, feel sexy and empowering – and it is surprising how many people don’t even possess the confidence to project a smile because they don’t feel good about themselves in the first place.

      1. Oh yes, quite so. I think the secret of it is, as you say, feeling good about yourself.

        I just think that we need to be careful about making blanket statements to the effect of ‘what you look like doesn’t matter at all’ because, like it or not, it does.

        Perhaps the most important thing is to look like yourself. Because there is nothing quite a sexy as someone resting comfortably within their own skin. And you only have to look at them in a crowd to recognise it straight away. But such is a rare sight, in truth.

        1. I agree that we should be careful not to make blanket statements such as “what you look like doesn’t matter at all” which is clearly not what I’m saying in this post.

          1. No, no … I apologise if I came across as being disrespectful. That was not the intent.

            And I suppose I wish that I didn’t care about how I look (my health is another matter all together) but the fact is that I do care, and I have met very few people who could claim otherwise.

            None of this alters the sad truth that, in my doddering old age, I look fairly terrible regardless.

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