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Tweaking, Modifications and the Waiting Game,

Like Sadje, l am eagerly awaiting the 27th March, she for her foot and myself for my shoulder. In the last week alone, and quite surprisingly as l didn’t think my shoulder had any further pain to award, it has proved me wrong, it has and it does. The Tramadol which awarded me a great relief and took my pain relief from a terrible 75% achieved with the likes of the co-codamol and ibropfen mix to a 95% relief has now subsided to only offering me 75% pain relief rather annoyingly.

These days, most mornings l awaken to the most aggressive pain, and the most appalling pins and needles in my hand to my elbow with an absolute numbness from my elbow to my shoulder. This of course is the result of not having freedom of movement neurologically speaking. This is because of the fully collapsed acromion, which is now firmly planted on top of my shoulder joint.

Luckily and albeit painfully l can still type, but l cannot continue to type for long periods of time and must take even more breaks than l was as little back as January this year. I am not addicted to my Tramadol, but l cannot bear the thought of missing my four hour slot of two tablets. I have had that happen a few times, when l have become so engrossed in something l am doing that l simply forget that four hours has passed and by the fifth hour, l am in agony, and then because the overlap tablets were missed it can take a good hour to reach the system again, due to the very nature of the slow release of the Tramadol.

When l first started taking them, it was like having warm custard slowly dribbled over my shoulder and neck and it was greatly received, but now, all l am awarded feels like the equivalent to a warm cloth that quickly dries out.

So yes l am eagerly looking forwards to next Wednesday afternoon when l will be injected on spot with between 6 – 8 ultra sound guided steroid shots which will hopefully begin the repair and recovery of this injury which has plagued me now since January 2018. I have had enough, l am trying to be more of an optimist than a pragmatist or a realist – don’t get me wrong, l am already an optimist, but having had a failure before with steroid injections l am somewhat concerned, and pray that my body doesn’t reject the treatment like it did the first attempt.

I have missed out a lot over the last ten months, or basically when l started to notice that the arm couldn’t do certain things. Whilst l could still long content type in August, from that period of time, l have had to change and adapt new strategies for producing content of any length. But l have a compost heap that l used to adore working with and the last time that was effectively turned was actually February 2018 and it has lain dormant since then. It has changed a lot and whilst it is perfectly able to withstand that kind of absence from me, it doesn’t mean that when l eventually get back to it, it is going to be as smoothly pliable as it once was.

It is going to take a lot of hard graft to get it back into a nice productive harvest mound. Oh well something to look forwards to l guess.

I can’t lift anything, and can hardly carry anything anymore. Like said, even now just typing this and because l am looking down at the keyboard l am reminded of my pinched nerve in my neck, which again developed as a result of the dreadfully long time it has taken 1] to receive the correct diagnosis and 2] to actually get any kind of treatment. I am only getting this proceedure because Suze and l agreed to pay the £1000 needed to work it, otherwise l would be sitting on Painful Row until August of this year!

Hey ho, it’s only another 7 days!


Just a quickie – l recently received an email asking what the difference was between The Weekly Blog Shout Out and the call outs l do in the I Just Wanted To Say! series and was there a difference in reality?

I said l would answer that question in my next Dear Blog episode.

So is there a difference? Yes there is, and l shall explain it now …

For well over a year l was performing a morning call out, and some may even recall l was also providing an evening call out [Night Night Folks] at one point which finished earlier this year, to the bloggers that l both follow and have interaction with.

Recently l decided to make that a bit more pronounced.

I am trying to become more of a rounded blogger, and at my own concession l was failing at that in my eyes, and so l endeavoured upon a journey where upon l would improve myself.

I am often performing tweaks and modifications to my blog, that many a time go unnoticed by my readers because the pages being improved are not deliberately promoted in a marketing sense as they are functioning pages more so than creative content pages.

I am always seeking out new ways to improve what l offer when l am in the process of being community minded or spirited if you prefer that term, and so l am adding little bits to my blog to make it more effective in communication, navigation, approachability, engagement and interaction and of course overall efficiency. It’s part and parcel to my form of OCD, in so far as l need to have control over how l run things.

Every blog has a hard core support team from its readers, these are the readers that support you, promote you, engage and interact with you daily and weekly but also, these are actually your nucleus of close friendships within the community and l like to celebrate that,  and every blog also has readers who interact with you occasionally perhaps monthly, and finally, every blog has followers who hardly ever respond and comment and like to things that you produce.

That’s not being facetious, just honest. The long term goal of every blog as l believe it to be is to be community orientated, and actively engaged and interactive with its own readership. Of course this cannot be achieved overnight, and is a forever operation for as long as each blog is actively producing content to be read.

I like being community orientated, l try to be as approachable and friendly to everyone as l am able – but the reality is l cannot possibly get around to every single reader and writer that has opted to follow my own writing.

Now under the old system of It’s A Brand New Day! or Good Morning Folks l was trying to call out to both my 100% interactive readers as well as my occasional interactive readers and l was spreading myself too thinly and l wasn’t able to get around to my dedicated readers quick enough, and usually l could only stop by once a month to their blogs, and l wasn’t happy with that – at all.

So with the new ‘Good Morning Call Out’, l very specifically say good morning to my friends, my most engaging readers and with this in place it means that l can get to their blogs and read their wonderful writings every week and that is more balanced. With the Weekly Shout Out l am saying hello to ten of my occasional interactors every week, and as it says l will display that post for four days out of every week to hopefully encourage other bloggers to visit them, even if l cannot get to them weekly.

That is the difference, that l was able to recognise and identify the readers who l was more involved with every week in comparison to the readers l hear from once a month or there abouts.

I hope that clears that up for you.


Dear Blog ……

7 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 13.45 – 20/03/19

  1. First of all, all the best for your shoulder treatment. I hope that the pain and immobility is cured by the treatment completely. Secondly, thanks for your support and encouragement for my blog and those of others like me.

    1. I know l use this line a lot Sadje, but it is heart felt when l say it and that is ‘it’s always a pleasure to do so’ I am thankful and grateful for not just your support, but also your friendship and the fun and laughs we can share 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot, I also appreciate your friendship. BTW, my foot cast came off today because it cracked in several places! It is replaced by a ankle support bandage. Considerably lighter.

        1. I am pleased that you now have something more manageable and comfortable, casts are great BUT bloody awkward things and prone to splits and breaks 🙂

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