Blue Sky Days 365 – Truly Inspired #29


Truly Inspired Series


1] Blog Name

Blue Sky Days 365

2] Genre/Blog Style

An eclectic mix of poetry, mental health and running.

3] Blog Age

4 months

3] At what age did you start to write and what was your motivation for doing so?

I only began writing when I started my blog on New Year’s Day.  I had considered starting a blog a few years previously to write about my experiences and emotions surrounding treatment for breast cancer. However, I was never happy with my writing, feeling that my message was too negative and my emotions too raw.

I started Blue Sky Days 365 to promote understanding of mental health problems and to document my running journey. My earlier posts are quite educational, but this soon changed to become more homely. I write everything from my own perspective and it’s constantly evolving as I become more confident.

4] Does writing/creativity come naturally to you or do you struggle to invent something inspirational each day/week/month?

At the moment my blog is relatively new, and writing comes naturally. I enjoy using the daily prompts to compose new poetry, and this also give me the opportunity to read others’ contributions on the same theme.

5] How prolific are you in your craft?

I write a lot, possibly because I’m still learning and refining my approach and style. It’s lovely that people enjoy what I write and give such positive feedback.

6] Are your writings displayed elsewhere or just WordPress? If so where?

Currently, just on WordPress. However, I have had two poems accepted for publication in an anthology. I have also submitted poetry to various competitions, magazines and publishing houses for consideration.

7] Do you ever suffer from writers/creators block? How do you combat it?

I struggle to write if I feel overwhelmed by my social circumstances, or during school holidays when I have less time. As yet, I haven’t experienced creative block.

8] What is your preferred creative form? [writing/photography/poetry/artistry/illustration/design]

Writing and poetry.

9] How do you arrive at your decision to write/create/invent about what you have chosen as a subject for the piece/s?

I just write whatever feels right at the time.

10] Do you need an ambience to work with, such as music, quiet, scented candles, yoga, exercise, reading, film or something else?

I like solitude and a quiet environment.

11] What helps you to create your content? [people/conversation/family/health/magazines/newspapers/controversy/funny moments/life experiences]

My writing is typically driven by life experiences, and my poetry from my emotions and observations.

12] Is your content driven by your journey or your story, or by the journeys and stories of others?

My blog is all about me; my experiences, my achievements, my knowledge, thoughts and emotions. The poems based on my emotions are written from the heart, there may be some exaggeration to better portray thoughts and feelings. I also write poetry based on observations of the natural world and of people. I am a very new poet and as such am learning constantly and developing my style and technique.

13] Are there any specific things which enable your creative juices to flow more steadily? [overtired/insomnia/mental health/eating/drinking/smoking/surrounded by colour/abstract thoughts and thinking]

I need to feel peaceful and calm, I find it difficult to concentrate with noise and distractions. I often find inspiration comes to me while running or swimming, while brushing my teeth or when driving. I carry a notebook with me so that I can record ideas, or I type notes straight into my phone.

14] How long from start to finish would/can your content take you to complete?

If I’m in full creative flow, I can compose a poem in around 10 minutes. Depending on the content of a post I sometimes let it sit in draft form for a few days while I tweak it.

15] Are you pleased with your finished pieces? How do you feel when you receive acknowledgement from another?

I only publish when I am happy with what I’ve written. I love reading comments on my writing and engaging with the WordPress community.

Finally, what advice would you award writers or creators looking to express themselves and to then display their works to the world?

I have found WordPress a very easy platform to use. I think that if you write about what you know and write with passion and authenticity, then the result will be engaging to readers. Don’t try and force creativity, as it can come across as manufactured and not genuine.

To get the most out of a blogging community such as WordPress, you need to nurture relationships. Read the posts of others and like the post if you like it, comment if you have something to share. It’s like a friendship; you get more out of it if you contribute more to it.

Above all, enjoy what you create and let your enthusiasm shine through.

My thanks to Karen for taking the time to participate in the Truly Inspired series and sharing her inner most thoughts on what motivates, enthuses and encourages her to both write and seek out inspiration to pen.

Check out Lost at Sea penned by Karen yesterday in response to the daily prompt.With regards to true inspiration … “Above all, enjoy what you create and let your enthusiasm shine through.”

Once again, my sincere thanks Karen.


Come on tell me, tell us … what inspires you to slave over a hot blog day in, day out/

There has to be more than ‘Well you know, l came, l saw and l wrote!”

So what is it, that motivates, enthuses and invigorates you to put pen to paper and finger to key?

Please drop me an email at ….

…. and l will gladly write you up and share who you are.

It is simple – email me at the above Addy or drop me a line in my contact box and l will email you the questionnaire. Fill it in, send it back , and include images that you feel may support what you write, or about your blog, and l will write it up as a post and insert it into this series here.

Come on, you know you want to!

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