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You’re Lion, That’s a Lot of Tiger! 2008

I ran my business, TSKA Exotics from 1993 – 2010. It was in 2001 when l officially branched into exotic species over that of the original launching stocks which were more of the domestic commercial stocklines – like Mongolian Gerbils, Syrian Hamsters, Fancy Rats, Fancy Mice, Siberian Chipmunks, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. By the time 2002 arrived l was firmly established in a very comprehensive range of smaller rodentia exotics, and by 2005 l was well know for being able to source a very large and diverse range of medium sized exotics. By 2007 l had then built my reputation up for handling much larger exotics.

So in 2008, l was not easily phased by the requests l used to answer the phone to with regards enquiries from clients, new, established or old. It took a lot to excite me. don’t get me wrong, l loved all the animals l worked with, but l had worked with so many fantastic keepers and so many truly awesome animals, that l was very well versed with receiving calls with regards the likes of the larger species such as Cheetahs, Lions, Tigers, Rhinos and Hippos and trust me when l say the lists went on, on that level to the likes of Raccoons, Coatimundis, Kinkajous and Porcupines in the medium species to the smaller ranges such Jerboas, meerkats or prairie dogs.

I had such an established client base of private keepers, wildlife parks and smaller zoos that l could usually source out most clients requests as well as the animals that were to be sourced and or rehomed into new locations that l wasn’t usually left without somewhere to turn to.

I remember clearly the day in May 2008 when l received the call from a new client and asked if l could source out a new home for a twelve foot long cat? Admittedly this was a new one on me and l was very enthusiastic to know more, what cat for instance was 12 foot long? Well the answer was that of a Liger.


The Liger is a cross bred hybrid, the offspring resulting from pairing between male lions and female tigers, so yes these are a real species that have been around for a longer time than many might assume as the video below verifies.

The client emailed some photos across which are the ones in this post and part of the New lost photos l talked about last week. He had several Ligers and was looking to secure a new home for them to keep them in the UK, failure to do so would mean that they would have to be split up and sold into various new locations around the world, which sadly is what had to happen.

This Liger turned out to be one of the 7 animals in roughly 3100 animals l sourced out in 9 years that l couldn’t actually rehome for the client, due to the sheer size of the enclosure that would be required by the new owner to actually hold this fantastically beautiful and stunning beast. It also needed licencing and the real truth was two fold, one the dietry requirements were a huge undertaking, but also because Ligers are hybrid many zoos and wildlife parks had no wish to take them on board due to controversy and public outcry from those against such creatures.

So a no ‘can do’ from me, but this was a truly fabulous pussycat!


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  1. We had the first liger born in America at “Hogle Zoo” (our zoo in Salt Lake) at the time. “Shasta” was unique and I believe the only liger in the United States at the time. Her dad was “Huey” (a lion) and her mum “Daisy” a tiger. Shasta was taken by the zoo keepers shortly after birth, because they were afraid her mum would try to kill her, as they do in the wild. Ligers are considered defective (I suppose) by their parents and animals tend to kill those they think are too weak to survive. Shasta lived to be very old for her kind and died in 1972. She was born in 1948.

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