The Fabulous Friday Fibs!



The Fabulous Friday Fibs!

What would a Friday be without the chance to fib? So, put on your thinking caps and prepare your biggest whopper.

Okay, so it’s Monday, and l am now two days late from the date this was set, and we all know that in the initial ten seconds it has taken you to sing this, l have lied four times! Nature of the beast and that’s the beauty of this little ‘Liar Liar’ jaunt from Teresa of the Haunted Wordsmith!

Here are this week’s questions:

What did the fox say?

Esmeralda the cow strolled up to the good fox and told him a joke… it went like this

“What ‘s the difference between an egg, a drum and a good fox?”

“What?” Asked the good fox.

“You can beat an egg, you can beat a drum, but you can’t beat a good focks!”

The good fox huffed and puffed, “For goodness sake Esmeralda how many times do l have to tell you? It’s Focks not Fox, you can’t beat a good focks!”

What really ran Grandma over

Harold the Runnaway chicken, who had been debating the philosophy of why his species had crossed the road in the first place? Whilst examining that, he happened to bump into Wiley Coyote who also happened to be chasing the pesky Roadrunner. When he told them the situation, Wiley suggested a race was in order to see who could cross first? it was a sad day when Grandma stepped out into the road to cross it herself.

Those aren’t elves in Santa’s workshop…what are they?

Elves is a myth, it’s actually a mispell of the word ‘Elver’ which came from the word Eelfare which in turn is part and parcel of Eelfare Migration. Well Elf and Saftey stepped on board with Weelfare, and that is how the passage way from the North Pole was introduced. Basically, they are not elves, but baby eels.

What were the milkman’s confessions?

That he had witnessed a very strange traffic accident that morning involving Grandma Jenkins, Harold the Chicken, Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner Beep Beep, not to be confused with Meep Meep!

The Mad Hatter wasn’t really a hatter, what was his occupation?

The Mad Hatter is a misomer, he wasn’t a Hatter or even a Milliner, but a dentist! Recently to make ends meet, he had a small part in the film Mercury Rising!

What is your favorite sandwich?

The one who makes the cats meow at the moon, she’s great!

What do you like to curl up with on cold winter nights?

I like to be naked on those cold wintry nights and huddle up with a big block of chocolate ice!

Davy Jones doesn’t have a locker…what does he have?

Two Monkees!

Blackbeard was a not a pirate…what was he?

A Teacher named Edward.

What are the real directions to Neverland?

Well it’s funny you should ask That Teresa, only the other day l was asked the way to Other Land, and l said you mean Another Land? No, they said Other Land, well l said l never!

Why do people in old tv shows and movies spend so much time sitting on their front porch?

Well helloooo, because the back porch is facing the wrong way! Duh! I thought everyone knew that?

What really happened to the three little pigs?

Sadly one day they went to the Good Foxe’s for lunch and never returned!

What really is Trump’s Space Force?

Isn’t that the small empty space between inner ear to inner ear?

Who brings the Easter eggs?

The Stork of course silly!

What is down the rabbit hole?

Well it most assuredly isn’t the three little pigs for starters!


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