K9 Interviews 44 – Rudy


K9 Interviews

K9 Questionnaire

A] Personal Details

1] Your Name?


2] Your 2 Leggeds Names?

“Momma & Daddy.”

3] What type of K9 are you? [Breed]

“Beagle mix.”

4] How Old Are You?

“5 years old.”

5] Do you run your household?

“No, Daddy does.”

6] Do you live inside or outside the house?


7] Where about in the world do you live?


“Chicago, IL, USA”

B] Exercise/Play Time/Adventuring

8] How often do you take your 2 leggeds for a walk?

“Two times a day, sometimes more.”

9] Do you vary the walks or trek the same route every day?

“We have a couple of routes.”

10] Do your 2 leggeds allow you to talk to other K9’s on your walks or do they huff and puff behind you and urge you to hurry along?

“I talk to everybody; they don’t allow it, but I talk. Sometimes they get mad when I bark, but I still bark.”


11] Are you allowed to do ‘stuff’ on your walks freely?

“I don’t go off leash much; and they don’t like it when I eat poop. But I get to smell stuff.”

12] Have your 2 leggeds ever embarrassed you? If so how?

“They made me pose with the Easter Bunny. I didn’t like it. And they laughed!”

13] Do your 2 leggeds expect you to fetch the ball/toy every time during soft/hard play?

“I always get it! I just don’t bring it back. Well, sometimes I bring it back. Sometimes I wait for them to throw it. I could play ball for hours.”

* Do you have favourite toys and if so what are they?

“My tennis balls, Pink Piggy, all my different (stuffed) squirrels: Big Squirrel, Red Squirrel, Black squirrel (actually a skunk!), Dead Squirrel, and Little Squirrel (actually a chipmunk!).”

14] Are you loved every day and made to feel special?

“Oh Yeah! I get pets and treats!!”

15] Do your 2 leggeds take you away on holidays with them?

“Yeah, usually. Sometimes I have to go to the (doggy) hotel.”

16] Do you get to pick where you go if they do?


C] Eating/Food/Treats

17] Are you given treats? Too few or just right? What are your favourites?

“Too few. I like toothbrushes, I like cookies from Grandma and Grandpa, I like cheese, and peanut butter too.”

18] Are you fed a nutritional diet?


19] Is your food moist or dry or both or even the raw meat diet?

“Mainly moist, sometimes dry,”

20] Do you enjoy it or is it boring?

“I enjoy it.”


21] Do you eat it every day, or sometimes refuse to?

“I eat it every day. Some days I just wait ‘til I want to eat it.”

22] Are you allowed to sample your 2 leggeds food?


23] Do you eat your food when you are expected to, or when you wish to?

“When I wish to.”

D] Your Personal K9 Stuff

24] Do you have a favourite piece of 2 legged clothing and if so, do they know?


25] Go on be a Devil – tell us what it is ….?

“I don’t have one.”

26] Do you deliberately play up at times, just to annoy or worry the 2 leggeds?

“I try to get their attention.”

27] Do you have a bed?

“I have 3 beds and 2 couches and 2 chairs.”

28] If so, do you sleep in your bed, or their bed, or the couch or all three and more?

“I sleep with them. I like to sleep in their pockets (the area between our knees).”

29] How much alone time or ‘just you’ time do you have?

“I can be alone when I want to, but I ilke to be with my 2-leggeds.”

30] Do your 2 leggeds make you dress up?


* For which holiday or festivity is this applicable?

“For (American) football games, sometimes hockey games. My2-leggeds are loud, too. I get yelled at when I’m that loud!”


* Pose for pictures?

“No, my people take a lot of candid shots. I’m naturally photogenic, anyway.”

31] Do you actually enjoy it or simply tolerate it because it appears to please them?

“It doesn’t bother me.”

32] Do you have a friendly vet?

“Yeah. A couple.”

33] What would be your perfect day?

“Um . . . we play ball a lot. And I get to clean up everybody’s plates —  Momma and Dad’s and my brothers’. We play ball inside. I can bark at the other dogs and I don’t get yelled at. And I like to sleep with my 2-leggeds.”

In spite of everything … the manipulations and the training you must subject them to –are they happy that you are there to mentor for them?

“Oh Yeah.”

Finally, in your own words tell us something about both you and your 2 leggeds that the questions haven’t touched on or asked about – something unique …

“I have two brothers that are cats. They get to sleep at the top of the bed, and I sleep at the bottom. It isn’t fair. Momma and Dad say some of the toys are theirs – that’s not right. I like catnip, too.”

Scrappy’s Thanks


My special thanks to Rudy and his Momma [Barb of Bipolar Barb] and Daddy for pawticipating in our K9 questionnaire – and sharing a little of life at home with his two brother Katz and his family.

 Way to go to Rudy, Power to the Bark!

Hope you enjoyed reading … Tootle Pip from Doodlepip!

“If you are interested in pawticipaing please email me at doodlepip03@gmail.com and l will email you back with the questionnaire.

Looking pawards to hearing from many, many more!

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