4 Paws Diary – Ep 33


Episode 33

4 Paws Diary

16th March 2019

It’s a Dogs Life For Sure – But Your Life Too!

me two

Hey Everyone!

Well sorry my current episode is a little bit later than normal, but l lose track of time these days – l am not doing as much as l used to – exercise wise. I have a relatively longish walk in the mornings with Dad which these days is only about half an hour on account of us both not being able to walk as far – him because he says his arm feels like a dead weight and me because my legs don’t carry me half as far as my brain tells me l can go!? Then l have a really short walk in the evening with Mummy which may only be fifteen minutes or so and that’s not Mummy’s doing but mine.

Both Dad and Mummy and l were having a conversation only last week about how last year l was still able to go for an hours walk each way for each walk, and how two years ago, l was doing double that – but we all agreed that each of us is a year older or two years older or if like me 6 years older to twelve! Facts are simpler – we are all getting older and slower!

Once a week l read the newspapers, and a few weeks ago, in fact not long after my last episode, l read an article about how some poor K9’s don’t even get one walk a day in the UK?? Now despite Dad being slower these days, he is still insistent that l get my walks every day – because a walk a day is exercise and everyone feels better after exercise and fresh air – no exercise leads to increased health risks!

This article basically said that only 42% of British dogs are now walked on a daily basis, and that the average walk time per day has decreased from an hour average to 15 minutes!? Well cor blimey l thought, l know my evening walk is only 15 minutes tops, but it is sometimes 25 depending upon my mood. Mummy usually wants to go further, but l sort of don’t. But as said my morning walk is typically 30 minutes but sometimes on the weekends when Mummy takes the morning shift it can be 45 minutes long – l tend to want to walk further in the mornings, than l do in the evenings.

Adult dogs should be walked for a minimum of an hour long, although older dogs like me is about 45 minutes, so l am about right. Plus l still wish to see a variety of different paths because the scents are always so exciting, so l am never walking in the same area more.

Excuses in this article from dog owners were too tired after work, not having enough time or that the dogs don’t want to go out in bad weather [20%],  or that their dog didn’t like getting dirty [4%]? Well l can’t speak for all dogs, but this evening Dad walked me and it was reeeeeeeeeeeally windy with wild rain as Dad called it. We walked against the wind one way and then we walked home with the wind behind us and we were practically running all the way back as the wind was so strong!!

But dogs love all sorts of weather, and we love exercise. It’s important to our health and well being as well! If we don’t get regular exercise, we are no different to two legs, we can get fat, joint diseases,stress disorders and heart problems – it’s NOT funny!

Remember two leggeds! It’s not just your life, but your dogs life too that is important to health!


In another article l read about the sad case of a farmer having to either rehome his cows or have them slaughtered because apparently ONE dog walker complained! What on earth is this world coming to when 1 vote carries a death sentence??

I’ll let you read the story – but l do wonder if this anon dog walker had his dog on or off lead?  I have seen dogs being allowed to worry sheep and other cattle before and in some countries like Australia, l believe a farmer has the right to shoot the dog! But l found the story quite upsetting if honest!

Peak District farmer forced to give up Highland Cattle after one dog walker complaint

Heartbroken’ owner of Highland cows must sell or slaughter his herd of 27 after a dog walker feared for his safety

Peak District farmers ‘forced’ to slaughter cattle after dog walker complaint


Ending on a good bit of news, l just wanted to say a big thank you to Grace, Gunnarand Roxy for having their interviews done and we do have some more in line for this coming week too! However, l am always looking for more K9rs to take pawt!

“If you are interested in pawticipaing please email me at doodlepip03@gmail.com and l will email you back with the questionnaire.”

Looking pawards to hearing from many, many more!

Anyway, thanks all for tuning in, and l will be back maybe before the end of this month or early April, so…

Till then, Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

me two

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