Mysterious Senses of Reality


Mysterious Senses of Reality

Sitting surrounded by marshmallows …

Blanking reality, mystically bellows,
Dumb as a box of sodden rocks,

Keys failing to chirp at locks!

Gorillas dancing hardcore in snow,
Fire ants, sweeping ashes way below,
Beseeching apple trees sparkling moonlight,
Lone fisherman, ploughing fields, praising blight!

Consecrating all that is totally unseen,

Mysterious senses of reality within dreams!


Green goose down monkeys flying further north,
Lone gunman, holding aloft romantic torch,
Castles glistening sadly up highly night sky,

Pyjama clad ducks roasting by the by,

New York lamps exploding into shards,
Snotty Gobbles whistling at house of cards,
Mattoid emotions, writhing in hopeful glee,

Confusions askew mysterious senses of reality?
Heavens to Murgatroyd, sniggered Snagglepuss
Woollen wood mills attired in sexy school bus,
Huh, says l, better than a cinnamon stick in thy eye!


Swans barking nonsense, like they can try!
Better than stupidly denied decisions,
Doctors laughing at pristine precisions,

Sharks eating chocolate biscuits like penguins,
Walruses spinning webs slyly bottling gin,
Bewildered dreams of mysterious senses of reality,
Minds brandishing guns like swords’ blatant surreality

I know … right??

© Rory Matier 2012

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