I Just Wanted To Say!



I Just Wanted To Say …….

I have decided to spice things up again and try something new. The Morning Call Out is being replaced with The My Community Call Out.

Every day for well over a year l have been saying good morning in one format or another – l do that anyway in real life – l see someone, l smile and say good morning or good afternoon or whatever the time of day it is – but of course in the blogosphere, time is different … some of you are not in the dawn, but the afternoon, or the evening. Some haven’t even left the previous day and some are fast approaching a new day – so l have been trying to find the right appraoch and l think l have it now …

I Just Wanted To Say …….

Good Morning, Good afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night Folks!


Quote of the Morning

. If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily.

Jack Canfield

Motivation Ping


Music to Start Your Day!!!

The My Community Call Out

New Daily Feature.

Check out some of my Favourite Blogs!

The blogs below are some of my WP friends …. they are great writers in their own rights, they are superb creators and have brilliant imaginations, they are awesome in their approach to engagement and interaction, they inspire, motivate and enthuse and they are wonderful influencers. The blogs below are all community orientated, they are fun and approachable, they are supportive and just great all rounders. But above everything, they are my friends and they are my tribe, they are my community.

WordPress is all about community, about friendship and about being there for each other.

Check them out, you’ll not leave disappointed.

Fandango of This, That and The Other

Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

Britchy of Bitchin in the Kitchen

Sadje of Keep it Alive

Mel of Crushed Caramel

Paula of Light Motifs II

Melanie of Sparksfromacombustiblemind

Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian

More of my friends tomorrow!


18 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Say!

    1. Morning Sadje, have a lovely Friday πŸ™‚

      Yes l wanted to focus more especially on the ‘community’ aspect on those who are my friends and my greatest interactors.

      I will always do what l can for the community, but sometimes you have to take a step back and ask yourself some deep questions, l did, l answered and l restrategised πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you 😊, recovering from laryngitis so I’m rather quiet at the moment πŸ™ƒ

        Good question! I’ve lived here all my life and can dial it up for some fun. But I’ve had people tell me they’re surprised when they find out I’m from here because I don’t sound like it. I do however make good use of y’all!

        1. I am sorry to hear about your laryngitis but glad that you are now getting better.

          That’s the funny thing about accents, you can crank it when you want, but many a time, people are often surprised at the reality. I don’t have an English accent as in the typical sense and when l open my mouth l hear people say more or less the same as they say to you πŸ™‚

          1. Thank you much!

            β€˜Tis funny indeed, isn’t it? 😊 This sort of surprise often brings a smile though so I guess it’s an ok thing πŸ™ƒ

    1. Superb – l was spreading myself too thinly, and l was trying to be too community minded. Don’t get me wrong l love that, but equally and more importantly l began to notice a pattern and that was only my friends were acknowledging the call out. So now, l am only really going to hyperfocus on those that do engage with me and not on those that don’t, if that makes sense. You and l enjoy our literary company and that’s the way it should be πŸ™‚

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