Quick Question


Quick Question

Can l somehow sift through my followers very quickly in my directory?

I ask, because l am receiving emails from someone l don’t follow, and l managed to find them in my top 50, ‘they followed me’, l removed them, thinking that was it done. But l am still getting emails from them? Which means that might be following me from another similiar account, is that right or is there some other reason l am receiving these emails?

The reason l have removed them is because l am getting a stream of very annoying notifications through  and that needs to cease.

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  1. Without revealing the Blog itself, l believe it be genuine. But this blog has very few followers and of those l do wonder if the account is following itself.

  2. Search for them by name, but if you are getting emails, you might be able to find them through the reader and unfollow them (at one point in time you followed them). WP loves to hide their notification settings and points everyone to the reader. Find their site, and click on settings under the “follow/unfollow …” (click the … )

    1. Yes l have done that, which you suggest here – l don’t recall following them admittedly, as it is not something that would appeal. But will try again, thanks 🙂

  3. If you are getting emails and they have your email address, IF it’s coming from THEIR email account, you may be able to block them through your email account. I’m pretty sure that gmail has a way to do that. Others, I don’t know. Good luck Rory. It stinks when that kind of thing happens.

      1. 😀
        Love it!
        Mine aint Chinese – all English gobbledy gook – and aswell as saying the most bizarre things, they take the time to emphasize their point by expressing it in a little poem. I was tempted to copy all their comments into a post and publish it for everyone to see – but I reckon if I just keep trashing their comments, they have to get bored surely???

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