Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way! [9]

Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way![9]

Talked to a complete stranger about life.

Oh So Way

Yes l do it every day in my blog.

Gone skydiving

Oh No Way

Nope, why jump out of a perfectly stable aircraft? If l had to jump out of crashing plane different story, but willingly? No way!

Got a tattoo

Oh No Way

In my younger years l had given it serious thought, but decided against it.

Had an allergic reaction

Oh So Way

Yes, 2010, l found out l was allergic to penicillin and suddenly became very groggy after visiting the doctor’s surgery and taken the tablets for an infection when l got home. people thought l had been taking drugs or was intoxicated – l eventually passed out and when at hospital they discovered l was allergic to penicillin but l was lucky as my reaction was mild because l had only taken two tablets, they said had l taken four, that l would have been in a very serious state.

Cried while watching a movie

Oh So Way

Only one movie had ever reduced me to tears, l watched it all the way through and that was eighteen years ago, and l simply cannot bear to watch it agin and that was the 1988 Gorillas in the Mist starring Sigourney Weaver and Bryan Brown.

Gotten gum stuck in my hair

Oh So Way

When l was young, around 11 or 12, l was constantly getting gum stuck in my hair as that used to be longer, and l used to blow really big bubbles and then they would pop and it would get caught up in my hair.

Fallen asleep in the sun and gotten burned

Oh So Way

On my second holiday with Liam Ratcatcher – l discovered he was an astonishing prankster and was always playing tricks on me – but he left me one day on a beach in Crete asleep on my stomach for four hours, when l woke up, l was more than a little burned! Making matters worse that stupid sod with some of his mates through me into the sea to ‘cool off’ and 1] the shock nearly killed me and 2] l nearly drowned because l had a giant blister on my back and l couldn’t move!

Over-plucked my eyebrows

Oh So Way

Yes, l sadly have this annoying tendency, that when l am thinking, l pluck my eyebrows to the point of making myself bald, and then l have to use eyeliner pencil to make them up again!

Been in a haunted house

Oh So Way

Many a time during my life, l have been in haunted houses.

Fallen asleep during sex

Oh So Wayish Maybe!

Mm, does passing out due to hypersensitivity count?

Wore a whipped cream bikini

Oh So Way

During Rag Week at college l wore a whipped cream mankini!

Been to an “adult store”

Oh So Way

Yes, lots of funny stories in this , and l worked in one for about two weeks in 1993.

Felt the presence of “paranormal activity”

Oh So Way

Yes, l am like a magnet for that kind of activity.

Asked someone when they were due when they weren’t pregnant

Oh So Way

Oh yes sadly , l have made that mistake at least a dozen times!

Seen a sex therapist

Oh So Way

Yes, a few times actually – 1995, 1997, 2000 – 2001.

Burst out laughing at a really inappropriate time

Oh So Way

Yes, sadly guilty, l do think it travels with the territory of Asperger’s though. i am much better than l used to be, but laughing at the wrong moment has gotten me into all sorts of trouble in the past!

Googled Sex addiction

Oh So Way

Yes, quite recently.

Called someone the wrong name

Oh So Way

Where l live, l have a chap l knw called Richard, it should be an easy name to remember because Suze’s son-in-law is called Richard, but everytime l meet Richard with his dog Emma, l keep calling him Robert. he keeps correcting me, and l don’t know why l do it, because l know his name is Richard!! Every time l see him, l have to keep saying to myself Richard, Richard, Richard and still l end up calling him Robert!! It’s very frustrating because normally l am very good with names.

Walked in on a stranger who was butt naked

Oh So Way

Oh yes, not so much these days, but years ago, l was always walking in and someone was naked.

Said you were minutes away when you haven’t even left the house yet

Oh So Way

Pretty sure we have all done, like some will say the cheques in the psst, and it isn’t to buy us more time in the case of the latter and to make it sound like we have left already to the former.

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