What Top Ten Products Are You?



What Top Ten Products Are You … Likely to buy over the course of 12/24 months?


Of the following departments, what do you find yourself buying more of each year/two years – [this does not include food items] – ? When answering please detail which department and what it is you purchase on a regular basis.

General Clothing

Seasonal Clothing

Leisure Wear



General Household




Photography Accessories/Equipment

Skin Products


Pet Products

Computer Accessories

Hair Removal Products [Pet]


Floor Coverings



Thank you.

8 thoughts on “What Top Ten Products Are You?

  1. General Clothing – I buy things as I need to replace them from charity shops. Although I do have an eye for a nice dress I find in charity shops. I buy trousers for work regularly in charity shops. I buy new underwear mainly from Debenhams or Figleaf or Bravissimo – I need to get the perfect fit or endure back ache. I also buy work shoes new because they have to fit well and be good quality.

    Seasonal Clothing – I don’t often have to buy new – because I look after what I have. But if I need to replace gloves etc I will. My coats have lasted for years, shorts etc I bought some new sandals last year.

    Leisure Wear – Mostly charity shops again. I occasionally buy a new swimming costume from a specialist swimwear company because I am a bit of a snob about swimwear.

    Sunglasses – I need sunglasses in the summer because the bright light give me intense headaches. Sometimes I drop a pair and they break. I often find myself buying a cheap pair, but I have some Chanel sunglasses from a charity shop I have managed not to break.

    Shoes – once I have hammered a pair of workshoes to death, I have to buy a new pair. I normally buy new rather than charity shop shoes for work. I have a lot of stilettos that I probably only wear once in a while . I do need a big sort out of my shoes in honesty.

    General Household – Cleaning products – I buy Method products and white vinegar

    Bathroom – Cleaning products, bathing/showering products, toothpaste…you know all the basics.

    Kitchen – Just food The flat I am in is fully furnished with crockery, equipment etc.

    Electrical – I bought a food processor about two years ago. Love it!

    Photography Accessories/Equipment – Nope/Never

    Skin Products – Normally just a moisturiser and a skin wash. My landlady gave me a £50 giftcard in December and I bought some fancy foundation with it (talk about pressure tactics from the shop assistant) I nearly choked on the idea that £50 could be the cost of a little tube of beige cream. Nuts!

    Grooming – The salons where I live cost an arm and a leg. So although I should have my hair trimmed once every 6-8 weeks – there is no way I would let my hair take that much out of my budget. So it becomes more like once every 3-4 months I have my hair trimmed – they always tell me off of course! I am like – you are crooks – you charge me a whole day’s wages just to have my hair cut in a straight line – mercenary monkeys! And it means that half the time I have to have my hair up to hide my split ends. If they lowered their prices, I would be happier, my hair would be happier. Nuts nuts nuts!

    Pet Products – I don;t have any pets (not allowed in my tenancy agreement)

    Computer Accessories – I bought a lap-top case about two years ago

    Hair Removal Products [Pet] – I don’t have any pets. I by hair removal products to keep my legs silky smooth.

    Garden – It don’t own my own garden – so nothing.

    Floor Coverings – I don’t buy. My landlady has furnished the flat with floor coverings – carpet, hard wood floors and rugs.

    Other – I am very goof at not spending money. The only other thing I do spend money on is stationary I guess. I write lots of letters so I buy nice writing paper and nice envelopes. I do love writing letters and sending them in the post.

  2. Skin Care – Moisturizer, lotion, face wash, body wash
    Grooming – Deodorant, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, q-tips,

    I’m at a loss for anything else, and years back I hit those other categories, but I’m too poor to purchase anything of that kind now.

  3. General household- cleaning products, trash bags, food storage bags, paper towels, plates, TP, wipes
    Grooming- shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, hair ties, hair brushes
    Pet- cat and dog treats, dog toys (BALLS😂)

    I rarely buy clothes, usually I’m given things as gifts or 2nd hand. I wear sweats, yoga pants, pj pants and t-shirts, sweat shirts, tank tops until they fall apart.

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