Walt’s Writing – Truly Inspired #23


Truly Inspired Series

1] Blog Name

Walt’s Writings

2] Genre/Blog Style

Poetry in various forms.

3] Blog Age

My blog is a year old now.

3] At what age did you start to write and what was your motivation for doing so?

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I would say I got serious when I started my website about 20 years ago. My original website is long gone, but I did save all the pages, writings, graphics, etc. I’ve recently been posting some of my older work.

4] Does writing/creativity come naturally to you or do you struggle to invent something inspirational each day/week/month?

It seems to come naturally. I hear a song, see a song title, hear a news report or read some phrase and my mind starts to formulate words to express a feeling I get about it.

5] How prolific are you in your craft?

I try to post something every day, but I don’t always write every day.

6] Are your writings displayed elsewhere or just WordPress? If so where?

My writings are also displayed on Medium.

7] Do you ever suffer from writers/creators block? How do you combat it?

Yes, all writers suffer from it. Writing is not always a bed of roses. Usually I will take a break, set a piece I’m working on aside and come back to it later. I will listen to music and just relax and not fight it.

8] What is your preferred creative form?

I prefer poetry, usually about love and romance. I will also write a few essays or micro fiction.

9] How do you arrive at your decision to write/create/invent about what you have chosen as a subject for the piece/s?

As I said, it just comes naturally when I hear or read something like a song. I’ll see a song title on You Tube and it sparks a feeling to write something based on that title in some form.

10] Do you need an ambience to work with, such as music, quiet, scented candles, yoga, exercise, reading, film or something else?

Not really, but I usually write everything in a notebook with the TV sound off.

Sometimes I will listen to music. I write a lot during the late night or early morning hours.

11] What helps you to create your content?

Mostly music and life experiences. When I first started designing pages for an old personal website, I would create a page about a song, create appropriate graphics and write a poem to suit the song.

12] Is your content driven by your journey or your story, or by the journeys and stories of others?

My content is driven by my own life experiences. I will be 74 years old in May, so I have a lot to write about.

13] Are there any specific things which enable your creative juices to flow more steadily? [overtired/insomnia/mental health/eating/drinking/smoking/surrounded by colour/abstract thoughts and thinking]

I’ve been a drummer for years, so music is my driving force.

14] How long from start to finish would/can your content take you to complete?

Sometimes a couple of hours, sometimes a few days. As I mentioned, I write in a notebook. Sometimes it goes quickly, sometimes just a few lines at a time. I will always put it away and return to it later to edit, proof read or continue.

15] Are you pleased with your finished pieces? How do you feel when you receive acknowledgement from another?

If I have posted it, I am pleased with it. If I’m not pleased with it, it won’t be posted until I am satisfied with it. Acknowledgement from other writers always is a good feeling, but I write because of a need inside me to create. I don’t write for likes or follows, but it does make me smile when I see my stats.

Finally, what advice would you award writers or creators looking to express themselves and to then display their works to the world?

Write whatever you want, whatever you are comfortable with and whatever you feel.

Write for yourself, not for others.

Break the rules.

Have fun.

Enjoy the journey.

Don’t let your likes, follows and/or comments go to your head. 

A final blogging tip: “When you are commenting on someone’s work, don’t link your site to the comment and ask someone to read it. It makes you sound desperate. People will find you on their own. When I get a like or a comment from someone new, I always check their site.”

My genuine and sincere thanks to Walt for contributing thoughts of his inspiration and passion to the Truly Inspired series. Walt enjoys the rhythm of life equally as much as many other forms of creative and artistic pleasure, and as he says when you get to his age, you have a lot to write about.

The pointers l love, apart from the obvious ‘Write for you’ are break the rules, don’t be a conformist or stick to convention, try different styles and experiment all the time, as this will encourage and motivate more fun to be had for you to make your own journey a thoroughly satisfying experience.

Again my thanks Walt for taking part and sharing with us your journey 🙂


I would love to hear from more of you, what inspires you to create, to craft, to experiment and adventure forwards in your own journey, what fires your imagination?  Please drop me an email at aguycalledbloke63@gmail.com and l will gladly write you up and share who you are. 


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