Dear Blog … 11.19 – 13/03/19


Today’s Round up.

Had my appointment with the Nurse this afternoon at 5pm, the usual pre-examination questions and testing my blood pressure. Appointment is a definite for the 27th – will be carried out under a local anesthetic and basically involves quite a bit of manipulation of the shoulder using Ultra Sound as a guidance tool. Up to six injections in the effected area and within 4 weeks l should hopefully feel the difference, if not it will most assuredly be keyhole.

We’ll see.


I have been feeling pretty low most of today but Suze and l spent a good few hours talking tonight, about us and our relationship and how l was feeling about things of late. The good news is she still wants one. She isn’t unhappy with me in her life, just stressed and depressed about money, like we both are and admitted that sometimes she verbalises more than she should in the negative side. She also understandably is not the only one upset about her menopause – she feels like she has been robbed and cheated. We agreed that we had both started wearing masks again and that was something we said we wouldn’t do and also that we were both guilty of not verbalising everything because we wanted to protect the other ‘s feelings.

We both agreed we need to talk to each other more. That’s way better than this morning.


I have been carrying a lot of pent up anger around in recent months about my childhood, l think these emotions and feelings have resurfaced with my Father’s death and the reading of his writings. I have come to the conclusion that l forgave way too many people when younger of the wrongs they caused me.

Oh well, not much l can do about it now.

As they say, tomorrow’s a brand new day!

Dear Blog ……


4 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 11.19 – 13/03/19

    1. Sure, l have three problems – l have a pinched nerve between c5 – c7 which was caused by an originally collapsing acromion. Then the acromion collapsed and l got upper tendonitis as a result.

      The acromion is the bone attached to the clavicle with that now in a collapsed position, it is sitting on top of the shoulder joint, and is causing massive neurological damage hence the pinched nerve and the upper tendons.

      The manipulation is to create the space required for the steriod repair shots to be injected into the right areas to ‘hopefully’ start to repair the damage. if it works and they can raise the acromion again to its normal position then l will not need corrective keyhole surgery to manipulate the bone back into position, and if the steriods don’t work, then the only option left is to go in 🙂

      1. Oh geez. Pinched nerves are very painful, I am sorry. I hope the manipulation will help you get on the right path again. Best of luck to you.

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