K9 Interviews 40 – Zeus


K9 Interviews

K9 Questionnaire

A] Personal Details

1] Your Name?

“Zeus” is the name they gave me at the shelter. My family likes nicknames so I am also called “Big Dumb Dog”, “Dippy” and “Mort”(which is really confusing because he’s a character in the Madagascar movies and he’s not even a dog)?”

2] Your 2 Leggeds Names?

“I have a big family. There’s Grandma (who is sometimes called Mom), Mom, Auntie, Auntie’s partner and Ben. Ben is the smallest 2 legged, but he tells everyone else what to do.”

3] What type of K9 are you? [Breed]

“The shelter called me a Shepherd mix.”

4] How Old Are You?

“I am about 3.5 years old. We don’t know for sure.”

5] Do you run your household?

“I certainly *try* to. It seems like Ben is the one in charge but I definitely make my wishes known.”

6] Do you live inside or outside the house?

“I live inside. Before my family rescued me from the shelter, I had been living outside on the streets. I don’t want to live outside anymore, nope, no way.”

7] Where about in the world do you live?


“I live in sunny Southern California in the United States.”

B] Exercise/Play Time/Adventuring


8] How often do you take your 2 leggeds for a walk?

“I’ve only been on a few walks. I don’t like the leash or harness so I bite it and try to wriggle out of it. My 2 leggeds are trying to help me get used to it so we can go places. They say there’s a special park and even a special beach just for K9s.”

“For now, I just play and do my necessary in the big back yard.”

11] Are you allowed to do ‘stuff’ on your walks freely?

“Mm,It looks like there are fun things to do on walks. Maybe I should try harder to accept the leash and harness.”

12] Have your 2 leggeds ever embarrassed you? If so how?

“No  Wway! They laugh at everything. Besides, I mostly stay at home.”

13] Do your 2 leggeds expect you to fetch the ball/toy every time during soft/hard play?

” Oh, I love my ball. I have lots of different balls. I love to run and get my ball and bring it back. I won’t let go of it though. I want my 2 leggeds to chase me and try to get it away but they just want me to drop it so they can throw it again. Why should I do all the running? Why? Why me??”

* Do you have favourite toys and if so what are they? 

“My purple ball, my blue and yellow ball, my green ball, my red ball … all my balls.Balls!”

14] Are you loved every day?

“Oh yes! I am so happy to be in this family. The shelter said I had another family before I lived on the streets because I have a microchip. I don’t know what a microchip is but I guess the other family’s information was somehow on it and the shelter contacted them when I was found. No one came to get me until Grandma and Mom came to the shelter. I remember running into the little play area, Grandma and Mom both said “He’s the one” and took me home. They love me very much! It is pawsome!!”

15] Do your 2 leggeds take you away on holidays with them? 

“No holidays so far. I’ve only been in this family a little over a year.”

C] Eating/Food/Treats


16] Are you given treats? Too few or just right? What are your favourites?

“Sometimes I get biscuits or even better, I sometimes get beef soup bones. Yummy!”

17] Are you fed a nutritional diet?

“Of course.”

18] Is your food moist or dry or both or even the raw meat diet?

“I eat dry kibble.”

19] Do you enjoy it or is it boring?

“It’s good. No complaints here, not from me.”

20] Do you eat it every day, or sometimes refuse to?

“I would ‘Never’ refuse to eat. Before my family rescued me, I didn’t always have things to eat.”

22] Are you allowed to sample your 2 leggeds food?

“Yes, but only when they are done and only if they give it to me or put it by my bowl. I took some of Ben’s chicken one time because it smelled so good and it was just sitting there … boy, oh boy! I got the Stern Voice over that, let me tell you!!”

21] Do you eat your food when you are expected to, or when you wish to? 

“Food is put out once a day. I eat when I want to. Usually when someone is in the kitchen.”

D] Your Personal K9 Stuff


22] Do you have a favourite piece of 2 legged clothing and if so, do they know?

“Meh! I don’t care about their clothes!”

23] Go on be a Devil – tell us what it is ….?

“No really l, l am serious., Ben tries to put hats and ties on me. I don’t like it. I only want my collar with my license and name/2 leggeds phone numbers, l am cool, totally with that alone.”

24] Do you deliberately play up at times, just to annoy or worry the 2 leggeds?

“I always follow every one around the house, especially Grandma. Even when she goes in the potty room and closes the door in my face, I lie down in front of the door. Sometimes someone will step on me when I follow, because even though I’m following, I want to be in front. Gotta cover all the angles. Anyway, if someone steps on my paw, I yelp and cry as loud as I can. Sometimes I even limp a little. They just tell me it’s my own fault for following so close. No sympathy at all. Hard being me, let me tell ya!”

25] Do you have a bed?

” Not really, my bed is where ever I choose to sleep. I don’t have a special bed all my own.”

26] If so, do you sleep in your bed, or their bed, or the couch or all three and more?

“I sleep on Mom’s bed in Mom and Ben’s room at night. All the rest of the time I sleep on Grandma’s bed or on the couch. Sometimes I’ll lie down on the tile floor if it’s very hot. Free agent.”

27] How much alone time or ‘just you’ time do you have?

“Well, I don’t like to be alone. I cry and bark a lot because I’m afraid no one will come back. I sometimes have to be alone for a few hours, and I’m getting more used to it, but I still don’t like it.”

28] Do your 2 leggeds make you dress up?

“No way!! Nope, not happening!”

* Pose for pictures?

“Nope, gotta be quick to catch me!”

29] Do you actually enjoy it or simply tolerate it because it appears to please them?

“They try to take pictures but I run away, and only occasionally to l agree.”

30] Do you have a friendly vet?

“I went to the vet once to get a check-up and my shots. He was nice but it wasn’t very much fun, let me tell you.”

31] What would be your perfect day?

“Playing ball, my way, with my family followed by a bone and a snooze – hooya!”

In spite of everything … the manipulations and the training you must subject them to – are they happy that you are there to mentor for them?

“Oh yeah, yes, yes yes! They love me very very much! They always greet me as soon as they come home if they’ve had to leave. They talk to me and pet me and hug me and throw my ball for me. I’m very happy, they brought me from the shelter to my forever home, need l say more?”

Finally, in your own words tell us something about both you and your 2 leggeds that the questions haven’t touched on or asked about – something unique …

“Weeell, one thing I do, that they don’t seem to like, is lick them. I’m just trying to show my love but they tell me to stop. All the time. “Zeus, stop licking me!” I especially like to lick bare toes!”

“Also, they tell me I’m lazy because I don’t catch mice. There have been quite a few mice scampering around lately and they want me to catch them. I think that job belongs to the cat. It’s not my fault she won’t come in the house when I’m about. Just because I want to chase her. I was only playing. Grandma says “Zeus, get the mouse” so I go get my ball, because I’d rather play ball than catch a mouse. A mouse is no comparison to my ball!”


“Ooops I can explain this, l know, what it looks like, but … l … can … explain … this. I was simply trying to bury it!”


“I got in trouble for this one. Ben was digging a hole so I thought I would too. I guess Ben gets to do things I’m not allowed to.”

Scrappy’s Thanks


My special thanks to Zeus and his family for pawticipating in our K9 questionnaire – and sharing life, thoughts and insights into his new life with us. Yet again another K9 delivers home the message loud and clear that there are many K9s looking for loving homes in Rescue Centres and zeus has certainly finally found his forever home – which trust me when l say is a real blessing.

Dora dog, sadly no longer with us, used to be a real toe licker as well Zeus. Me, l have never quite taken to it, but l do like to nibble noses, except like you, l am told ‘No Doods, no!” Spoilsports!

 Way to go Zeus, Power to the Bark!


Hope you enjoyed reading … Tootle Pip from Doodlepip!

“If you are interested in pawticipaing please email me at doodlepip03@gmail.com and l will email you back with the questionnaire.I post your finished interview here and in Facebook and Twitter.

Also l have now introduced a new series called K9 Product Review Interviews in case some of you might like to tell us about something that you do – be this crafty hobbys or past times and activities or even a business for we K9rs and Feline Katz. We have our first 2 interviews coming out very soon.

Dad and l are currently in discussions about vocalising these interviews in the future, so that is something l am quite keen to explore further.

Now l know that many of you must have K9’s equally as much as Feline Katz [3] – isn’t it time you let them have their say and take our number to 41!

Looking pawards to hearing from many, many more!

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