Real Neat Blog Award

What on earth?

a V2000 video recorder was purchased in 1988. It was phased out the same year and I could only find two cassettes to record on,
a Talbot Samba car. I only had it 3 days before the engine exploded,
a mandolin – never used,
pink leg warmers – what was I thinking of,
Lycra cycle pants – what was I thinking of,
a waffle maker – used once produced something with the consistency of a rubber glove,
a portable solar charger – I bloody live in Yorkshire we don’t get any sun,
a mobile phone which had a rubber shell which was supposed to be indestructible – smashed into a thousand pieces first time I dropped it,
an indestructible pet toy for our mad dog – lasted 4 minutes,
a remote control toy submarine – on its first outing at the local lake it dived really well but never resurfaced.

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